Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Look what arrived in the mail today!

Isn't  it funny how excited we get when a parcel arrives in the mail for us! And this arrived really fast, I think I only ordered it on Thursday and we are rural delivery and it usually takes  longer!
This from a shop/blog stitcheryjen, look at these patterns, Snowmen A to Zzzz by Crapapple Hill (I love these patterns!), Tilly,Milly,Molly-My favourite things, Christmas Bunting-Viv's Creations and a couple of fat 1/4 's that are on sale.  She always writes a wee note on the order form and you always feel like a valued customer.  Well worth a look.  Well I'm away to play with these, Happy stitching, Michelle

Monday, 28 March 2011

Weekend Away

It's been a long weekend for me but a great one.  We picked the kids up from school and headed to Wanganui on Friday nite.  Saturday morning after a wee sleep in we headed to Marton, then Hunterville and onto Taihape...........there are some great shops in Taihape! It is well worth the stop and then onto Waiouru where we took the boys to the Army Museum.
From there we went back to Wanganui via Ohakune which made a mean hot chocolate!! But the main reason for the weekend to Wanganui was my Nana Joan had her 80th birthday on Sunday which we celebrated with a birthday lunch. The Great grand kids dressed up like the Queen!  It was a great day!!
No craft this weekend but I did buy a couple of fat 1/4's and a wrought iron rail which I will make into a quilt hanger, plus I brought the most beautiful scarf! 
Happy stitching, Michelle

Thursday, 24 March 2011


I would like you to meet Alfred, he is a bear which my wonderful husband brought me. He saw him in a flower shop and thought he looked antique like and very rustic....... very me!  So he brought him for me, I think Alfred is very cute, he is patchie in places which looks like someone has loved him heaps already!  Althou this has given me another quilting project as now I need to make him a quilt to sit on. (oh and you may be thinking did he buy flowers too as he was in a flower shop................YES he did!)
I have also finished my postcard pillow and following everyones advice, I added a small boarder of backing fabric, but unpicked it as I liked it without more!
Happy stitching everyone, Michelle

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Crab.apple Hill

Just finished stitching 'Vintage Postcard' by Crab.apple Hill,' (just love these patterns!)  This stitchery gets made into a pillow, the photo below is the fabric I was going to back it with...................
I need some advice, do I put a small boarder around the postcard ????? Then back it?or just use this fabric for the back???

Your opinions will be valued, thanks ladies.
I do have to mention I used Cosmo  Seasons threads- they are just beautiful.
Must away as I am in the middle of cutting out another pattern, Hope you are having a great day!
Happy stitching, Michelle.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

No Sewing!!!

I can't believe how fast this week has gone! Instead of sewing I have been decorating a 70th birthday cake and the theme was golf, so on went the T.V so I could see what golf was all about. So this is the finished cake..............thank goodness!!
Now for something EXCITING, these are some photo's of my new candle holders that my fab son (15yrs) has made me, I told him what I wanted and a wee while later they appeared! Poor boy, the list I have now given him is taller than he is!  He has since made some more and we are thinking of putting them on trade me.
Well I'm off to do a little sewing which is all I have wanted to do all weekend, enjoy what ever is left of your Sunday,
Happy stitching, Michelle.

Monday, 14 March 2011


It's Monday already and I haven't posted about 'Fab Friday', which it was by the way!  Friday was '11 months of Christmas' catch up with Claire, which was great but there was an added bonus, Claire had invited Michelle from It's Sew Me to come along and stitch with us! I have followed this blog for sometime so it was great to meet her, she is just lovely and very talented.  Hop over to her blog and have a look at her beautiful work!!!  I think she is going to be a great addition to our stitching group, keep us on track, because Claire and I tend to talk....... alot!!!!  Claire made us for lunch a beautiful silver beet and  pine nut filo pie-yum!!! and chunky chocolate muffins-yum, yum, yum! I myself did not achieve much in the stitching department but did leave with a very full tummy!
WHIMSICALS-by Terri Degenkolb, I really like this pattern book and I have a panel for one of the quilts in it and alot of the fabric range I have managed to pick up from here and there. Have you ever found that you like all the patterns, but don't have the time to make them all? So this is going to be my challenge...... because I like so many I am going to take all the bits I like from each pattern and make one QUILT-crazy?? This is some of the fabric, dusky pinks, dusky and deep browns, soft creams and little splash of teal.
Wish me luck ladies......I think I may need it.
Happy sewing, Michelle

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Tomorrow I am meeting Claire for our 1st meeting as the new '11 months of Christmas Group'.  I have finished all but one project......................I wonder how many she has completed?? I have also finished my rustic angel stitching's.   They are going to look so cute on my new scales.  Now this posting is going to have alot of pictures so bear with me.   The next few pictures are the Christmas projects I had to complete for the month and in my usual style instead of maybe 2 per week, I pretty much left it all to the last minute!
I decided to do this months projects in two colour ranges, with the red and white pillows to go in my room, and the more rustic tones for my sons room which I do up at Christmas with  rustic decorations.  Not sure if you can see on the small pillows that will hang on the tree, I have rusty pins in them.
I think my favourite is the stocking with its rusty bells and tag.  Well maybe not I think I love them all.  
Well its getting late and this girl is pretty tired, so take care till next posting,  Michelle.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Two postings in two days!
Mum came yesterday to make cards, she wanted to make 8 cards for a raffle for her local rural women group, they are having an in house raffle each month to raise alittle funds for the kitty. It was a slow start and
after a couple of coffee breaks we started....................and we are both pleased with how they turned out!(I wonder if she could buy me a ticket, would be great to get a few in reserve instead of the last minute dash I normally do!!) Look at our table, isn't it great to just  get into it and worry about the mess later!!!
Have a great day, Michelle

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Can someone help me find last week!!Can't seem to find it anywhere! But I did find a few treasures last week while in New Plymouth.  I have a good friend in hospital and I am hoping this week is better for her than last week which was hell for her.  So while she slept or other visitors arrived to see her I went down the road to the local Hospice Shop which had some fabulous treasures just for me.  All you see on the bench was just $15.  The old scales, glass jars, doilies and an colander which isn't in the picture.  So after a wee bit of  thought this is how I used them. In glass jars I filled them with cinnamon sticks, cream buttons and old lace. One doilie on scales and one under, added a candle and a few paper flowers.

This is my mangle, my pride and joy, which I change often! I need to make a quilt to hang on it? Do you think that would be a good idea and if so what kind of quilt? Something to chew over!  Well I better go clear the table as mum is coming today and we are making cards.
Have a great day, Michelle