Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Crab.apple Hill

Just finished stitching 'Vintage Postcard' by Crab.apple Hill,' (just love these patterns!)  This stitchery gets made into a pillow, the photo below is the fabric I was going to back it with...................
I need some advice, do I put a small boarder around the postcard ????? Then back it?or just use this fabric for the back???

Your opinions will be valued, thanks ladies.
I do have to mention I used Cosmo  Seasons threads- they are just beautiful.
Must away as I am in the middle of cutting out another pattern, Hope you are having a great day!
Happy stitching, Michelle.


  1. What a beautiful design. You could perhaps put a small plain border around the postcard to frame it and then your other fabric. You've done a lovely job.

  2. I love your post card. I do not think I would border it. I love it just the way it is.

  3. I think I agree with Donna, it is gorgeous though and you've done a beautiful job on it!
    Did you get my email?

  4. It's beautiful Michelle, not sure what i would do re border, but I really love the backing fabric you've chosen! I am the original fence-sitter. LOL