Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Fur and woolly babies...................

 All babies now have four feet firmly on the ground with my Hereford Milly the last to calve!  The ewes have lambed and only 10 orphans this year which started in the container below nice and warm by the fire and then off to the paddock where the racing began!!  They have been docked and apart from missing their tail all is well.

I love this time of year, it  feels like you are slowing down (and actual fact there is another up hill battle called Christmas!!!)

But for now I am going to enjoy all the babies around me! Not think about Christmas or the fact that my garden looks like a weed festival !
Enjoy your Wednesday,

Monday, 17 October 2016

Fireworks,dinner and great company!

I think I may have to re-introduce myself, it has been so long since I have blogged!  Life has a funny way of getting crazy when you lease expect it!  I also thought I may have to re-introduce myself to the KHS because it had been a while since I last went to one of those get togethers also!!  But this month we met at Nicky's and it was great!  She had moved since the last time I was at her place and still a very welcoming home feeling at the new place just like the old place! I love it when you walk into someone's home and you get that easy feeling like you are at home!! Although I never had any girl toys like there is at Nicky's!!
One of Nick's treasures which I love, was a little too big to sneak home!! -Maybe a job while she is at work!!

Forgot to take a lot of photos, but as you can see we have a great tea!!
Some people didn't want to share dessert!!!  (I did tell you the photo was not pretty!!!)

And then there were these ragga-muffins, a dinosaur, bee and wolf!!
It was a great night, forgot to take photos of everyone's projects, Nick was doing a pretty stitchery in pretty thread, Claire forgot to bring hers?? And there is a photo of Michelle holding hers and mine is the fabric pine cone at the top!!'And to top the night off we got to watch a fantastic fireworks display from Nick's dinning room! A perfect end to the night!!
If you are still reading, thanks for hanging around, hope to have move crafts to show soon, take care,