Monday, 17 October 2016

Fireworks,dinner and great company!

I think I may have to re-introduce myself, it has been so long since I have blogged!  Life has a funny way of getting crazy when you lease expect it!  I also thought I may have to re-introduce myself to the KHS because it had been a while since I last went to one of those get togethers also!!  But this month we met at Nicky's and it was great!  She had moved since the last time I was at her place and still a very welcoming home feeling at the new place just like the old place! I love it when you walk into someone's home and you get that easy feeling like you are at home!! Although I never had any girl toys like there is at Nicky's!!
One of Nick's treasures which I love, was a little too big to sneak home!! -Maybe a job while she is at work!!

Forgot to take a lot of photos, but as you can see we have a great tea!!
Some people didn't want to share dessert!!!  (I did tell you the photo was not pretty!!!)

And then there were these ragga-muffins, a dinosaur, bee and wolf!!
It was a great night, forgot to take photos of everyone's projects, Nick was doing a pretty stitchery in pretty thread, Claire forgot to bring hers?? And there is a photo of Michelle holding hers and mine is the fabric pine cone at the top!!'And to top the night off we got to watch a fantastic fireworks display from Nick's dinning room! A perfect end to the night!!
If you are still reading, thanks for hanging around, hope to have move crafts to show soon, take care,

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