Friday, 29 April 2016

Kookaburra Cottage - Jilly's Garden

Right now I am doing the most happiest happy dance you have ever seen!! I am so glad you can not see this dance as it is not pretty but I am stoked to have this finished!!!!

Started???? well you don''t need to know when this was started but a couple of years ago - at least if I am going to be honest!  This and my Home quilt was on my must do before I start anything else and now they are finished - does this mean I can start something else............well I do need to finish my painting, had yesterday off to finish this quilt so better get back to it today!
Hope you are all having a fantastic Friday?, enjoy your weekend,

Monday, 18 April 2016

Lets start with lunch !

On Saturday the KHS met for lunch at Claire's, which was delish as usual!!  Above pictures are testament to that!  It was also a birthday month for Nancy and the month we all had to bring along an easy project that was do able in a month!  It was so exciting and really varied, so who ever we where sitting next too, our project went to the left of us!
Nick's whisk.

Nancy stitched a pillow

Michelle made pumpkins 

I did a Christmas decoration. (thanks Cheryl)

And Claire stitched a pillow.
Varied right?? So my project for the up coming month is the whisk which Nicky made!  We can alter any way we like? I think this is going to be so interesting!
Nancy and her whisk made by Nicky for her Birthday.
Nancy's birthday loot. 
I did warn you Claire, this photo would come out
all tongue and boobs!
The table was as usual all beautifully set!
Well not much crafting from me folks as I am painting!!!  And can I say I HATE PAINTING!!! I really do, it is taking me so much longer than I thought, but it is an big area, I will put up photos in a day or two as I am finishing one small space!
Enjoy your week and I hope it is craftier than mine!!