Monday, 18 April 2016

Lets start with lunch !

On Saturday the KHS met for lunch at Claire's, which was delish as usual!!  Above pictures are testament to that!  It was also a birthday month for Nancy and the month we all had to bring along an easy project that was do able in a month!  It was so exciting and really varied, so who ever we where sitting next too, our project went to the left of us!
Nick's whisk.

Nancy stitched a pillow

Michelle made pumpkins 

I did a Christmas decoration. (thanks Cheryl)

And Claire stitched a pillow.
Varied right?? So my project for the up coming month is the whisk which Nicky made!  We can alter any way we like? I think this is going to be so interesting!
Nancy and her whisk made by Nicky for her Birthday.
Nancy's birthday loot. 
I did warn you Claire, this photo would come out
all tongue and boobs!
The table was as usual all beautifully set!
Well not much crafting from me folks as I am painting!!!  And can I say I HATE PAINTING!!! I really do, it is taking me so much longer than I thought, but it is an big area, I will put up photos in a day or two as I am finishing one small space!
Enjoy your week and I hope it is craftier than mine!!


  1. Yummy lunch! Fun photo of Claire enjoying herself. Lovely makes by all you Gals. The temperatures have dropped here so you must feel the difference too?

  2. Beautiful lunch and projects. You girls always gave such great fun xx

  3. Great post Michelle, I did think of you girls last Saturday ... having your meeting together. I can hear Claire screaming at you for that photo you took of her !!! Your new creations are all wonderful. Best of luck with the painting ... I hate painting too .. give me a small project anyday.

  4. What fun you girls have Michelle and you are all so creative. Oh so glad you got to make the little xmas tag - looks great