Thursday, 23 February 2012

Kindred Hearts

Can't believe that I have not blogged since the 5th ! And I can't believe that this month is the month that Claire and myself got together and decided to form this group that is now known as 'Kindred Heart Stitchers'. Well done to us Claire because this is a great group !!! Which by the way we met here on Tuesday and it was another great day with lots of laughs, inspiration and wonderful creations to show off.  So lets start the photos, this month because of Valentines Day we decided the theme was hearts......................
This is my creation, a doll. (pattern is a Memes)

Nicky's heart tray-gorgeous.

Claire's heart-(Crab apple hill - I think)
Love this, all the stitching and beads.
Beautiful !

Loraine's heart and a finish from last month.

Michelle's heart is a oven mitt-very cleaver.
The two little stitchery will hang from a little
wire coat hanger-they are very cute!
I love these days and this month we all got some stitching done as well as talking!  We also bring any  treasure we no longer want and offer to the group (more on that later) and Michelle had some scraps of fabric on offer..........................................

Even little Zoe found some fabric she liked!  Next month is apron/kitchen, I have no idea what to do but have a month to think, although I do want to finish early not on the morning like this month!!
Enjoy your Thursday, Michelle.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Rustic headboard - NEW !!!!

This post has to start with a story..................but where to start???? Well 11 years ago my hubby got a four poster bed made for my 30th birthday, yes it is the most beautiful bed ! But when we took on the farm we are now on, my beautiful bed could not fit in this small little house ! tear, tear! So my beautiful bed is in storage-another tear! So I decided to look on the bright side and set my mind to what rustic look I could go for while living in this house which is now our home for 5 years! thinking, thinking,
Well I decided on this, which I shouldn't be showing you yet as it is not finished, well the look is not finished but I am so excited !!!!!!

I will up date this in the next couple of weeks with a finished look - but I am so happy so far!
Enjoy what is left of the weekend, Michelle.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

A little stitchin' & a little thrifting!

Today is about show and tell, felt like I haven't done a lot lately but will show what little I have achieved!
This is from an old Country Threads mag, it will be a pillow case.
(you where right Chris, )

There is 6 of these flower posy's to do, 5 to GO!!

And now the thrifting, on Sunday I picked up from Eltham this cute bird cage (trademe) for all of a $1.50 !!
Bargain I know, but while driving thu town I noticed a vintage clothes shop open and then I noticed a beautiful old hatbox on a table of treasures - this was a must and only $14 with the linen I also grabbed!

Big plans for this hatbox, but wait there is more........................................

This basket full of little treasures was from Hawera on Tuesday, total $4.

But this had to be the buy of the day.................................................

Hope you have a great day and find some bargains too!
I am off to put up a electric fence and milk some cows as hubby is in
Te Kuiti.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Catch up

It's hard to believe it is the 1st of February and as of today both boy's are back at school! I hate the end of the holidays, I love having them home annoying me!  Sad I know!!
But I thought on a brighter note I would show afew photos and have a wee catch up!  Last Thursday was my birthday and a great day it was, I went out for tea on the Wednesday nite with family and then again on the Thursday nite with friends, so spoilt I know but there was also pressies...........................
Clock and flowers from hubbie.

Fabric from Mum and Dad

This gorgeous container from Julie, Rolly & family

And remember this unit Ben made me, well Ben and Cody's present to me was baskets of my choice - I want 3 underneath and maybe two next to the draw, but after 2 special trips to town I still haven't found any I like!!! So soon I hope.  I also received from my brother and fiancee (and mum and dad went in as well) a voucher to a very cool shop called 'Willo'.  I was certainly spoilt!! Thanks my loved ones. 
Hope all is well in your world, Michelle.