Monday, 25 July 2011

Snow glorious snow !!!!!

We woke this morning to snow, glorious snow !! According to the historian of the road, we haven't had snow like this since 1984.

Enjoy your Monday and keep safe, we are going to have a look around the farm at this pretty picture nature has given us ! Then I will be hugging the fire and hopefully stitching.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Op Shop Hop......

Wow what a fantastic day we had ! I enjoyed the company more than my treasured buys yesterday and I loved my buys ! Our day started in Stratford where I met Claire, Michelle and Michelle's 2yr old niece Summer.  Our first treat of the day was from Claire she had brought us a plastic tub each and made beautiful tags with our names on them to store our treasure ! Thank you Claire, it was very thoughtful - she is so sweet !

 Then we stopped at every Op shop that was open, all the way to Waitara,that is where we found treasures in a Corso shop!  From there we headed to Michelle's mums place for lunch, she made us beautiful home-made soup and a very yummy chocolate mousse !!  Then she look us to a local shop in Waitara -  Lodge Floral Studio - very cool ! I will show those treasures in another post.

While at Loraine's for lunch we had show and tell for the month.  Our project for the month was bashkla dolls, mine are above.  We all finished this project and aren't they so cute!

Claire also made a vase rug to go with hers as well.
Then I took a family photo of all the girls together !
During the first week of July Michelle had her birthday so we gave her our birthday pressies, I gave her a hydrangea cup and saucer with a pink glass bowl and Claire made her these house shoes.....they are so cute !
We also received a gift from Michelle she made
us a cloche which we all have to decorate and bring back next month.
 She is so clever, I just love it!!!
So the treasures............................................
some wool jackets for a table runner, a wire chook for mum, a chunky silver plate (possibilities are endless for Christmas), two wooden bowls which will be painted, a cane book holder, a copper ccandle holder, buttons, round flower thingy, and a glass jar.   And small white pickets - very cute, have plans for those already.  Sorry this is so long, but thanks for hanging in there !
I had a great day and loved it very much, thanks girls always a pleasure and am looking forward to next month.
Happy stitching, Michelle.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Antique treasure

On Sunday I went to an antique auction for Hospice in Hawera.  Wow there was some beautiful antiques there and of course I couldn't help myself ! I went there with the intention at looking at an christening gown, but while I was there this beautiful old cot from the hospital came up, couldn't hold back the hand and ended up buying it, along with a pink dish and some gloves.  The problem was I was in the car and although there were many helpful men trying to put this in my car it didn't fit.  So today I made a mad dash to Hawera and picked it up!  It has been painted with lead paint so I think I will send it away to be sandblasted and then I will repaint.  I am so happy with my buys!

Tomorrow is my monthly stitching group meeting, but we have decided to do an ' Op shop hop '.
I can't wait it will be so much fun!  I will up date you with our buys tomorrow.

Happy stitching, Michelle.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

My 1st WIN and I am so EXCITED !!!!

My 1st win and it's a beautiful win ! It arrived in the post this morning which surprised me because Michelle said she was going to post on Thursday so I wasn't expecting it till next week !
Anyway Michelle at Rag-tag Stitchin' had a fantastic giveaway in July (because it was her and her sons birthday as well as Christmas in July.) and I was lucky enough to ** WIN **.  I am so happy -can you tell ??? Let me show you the goodies.............................

All my favourite things snowmen, gingerbread men and reindeer!  The fabric and ribbon is also cute but love the patterns most !!!  Thanks Michelle for a wonderful giveaway . Michelle is a very talented designer so use the link and pop over and have a  look at her designs - you won't be disappointed !
Hope everyone's day has started as well as mine !

Monday, 18 July 2011

Prim bee

Just thought I would share with you my prim bees.....................they are a favourite of mine !
(And on my to do list is a bee table runner and candle mat - the list is getting so loooong! )
Happy Monday, Michelle.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Nice at Nice

Friday nite hubby and I spent a wonderful night at a fab little place called 'Nice'. 
I better start at the you remember when my friend was in hospital (for a month!) well herself and her husband gave us a voucher for a luxury nites accommodation, dinner and breakfast - they where so naughty !!!
Friday nite was when we decided to use this voucher, dinner was beautiful, very yummy food and I didn't want to miss out on pudding so we got that sent up to our room! Thank goodness because I could not have fitted that in ! Because I decided to try a cocktail and I was struggling to fit it all in.  The cocktail I had was a Brave Bull - Tequila, Kahlua, coke and cream.  (yes it did help me sleep!)

There is this cute wee library at the end of the hall way, very cute!
This quilt looked hand quilted ?
Mikes pudding was yum!! 

Thank you very very much Julie and Rolly, we didn't expect anything , we where just trying to be good friends like you are to us !.................but we had a fantastic night !!!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Ambitious stitching

For the last four nights I have been stitching up a storm !  I have started stitching Crab apple Hills winter wonderland in blue.  The plan is to have it finished for this Christmas to go in Cody's room which is done in blue, white and silver and mostly snowmen!
                                                The other stitchery I have finished is one that I brought at the craft show in Sydney by The Birdhouse and that is Jolly Santa.

Hopefully after the weekend I can finish this stitchery with its borders although I am not sure I may make it into a pillow ??  Still deciding ! Enjoy the weekend and I hope it is productive for you, Michelle .

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Dresden plate wedges

A little bit productive today, been busy cutting these wee Dresden plate wedges and sewing.  I think I will make them into a table runner.

These are cut from a charm pack.  These are 3.75" wedges and you can get 3 wedges from one 5" square.
More hopefully tomorrow, but GST first!
Happy stitching, Michelle.

Favourite things - Tuesday

I made this angel some time ago, but I love her wings the most!!! Rustic corrugated iron !
Have a good Tuesday, Michelle.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Santa sack swap.......

Well my parcel arrived yesterday and what a surprise, this is going to be so hard not to open the pressies till Christmas!!!!
This is my sack, well  my swap partner Toni made me this beautiful stocking..........................................
look at the pressies sitting there,
they so want to be opened, but
I will wait. (it is rather a long time to wait lol!!)

But anyway this is the sack I made Toni,

This is the front
and below is the back.

I can't seem to put a link to Toni s
blog, so hopefully tomorrow I can do
this so you can all visit my new friends
So enjoy what is left of the weekend,

(this is the December swap by Cookies and
Cream Craft-Santa sack swap.)

Friday, 8 July 2011

21st cake

Today was spent doing a friends
(Julie) sons 21st cake.


The cake........

The body.........

The uniform.........

The finished body...........

The face..........




Happy 21st Jamie.

Have a great weekend, Michelle.