Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Antique treasure

On Sunday I went to an antique auction for Hospice in Hawera.  Wow there was some beautiful antiques there and of course I couldn't help myself ! I went there with the intention at looking at an christening gown, but while I was there this beautiful old cot from the hospital came up, couldn't hold back the hand and ended up buying it, along with a pink dish and some gloves.  The problem was I was in the car and although there were many helpful men trying to put this in my car it didn't fit.  So today I made a mad dash to Hawera and picked it up!  It has been painted with lead paint so I think I will send it away to be sandblasted and then I will repaint.  I am so happy with my buys!

Tomorrow is my monthly stitching group meeting, but we have decided to do an ' Op shop hop '.
I can't wait it will be so much fun!  I will up date you with our buys tomorrow.

Happy stitching, Michelle.


  1. Only one more sleep...Yipee!

  2. Sounds like fun girls.....Wish I was coming along too!!!! Have a great day....

  3. Great buys! Can't wait to see what you girls get up to tomorrow. Have fun!

  4. What gorgeous purchases, I can't wait to see what you buy today!

  5. Michelle I just love your finds. That sounds like something that would happen to me. I am usually in the car and I have to call David to come rescue me.hehe.

  6. Hope you ladies had fun out op-shopping. Did you need to take a trailer??
    Happy days.