Sunday, 30 October 2011

I forgot.......

I forgot to show these.  This is last months project for the Kindred heart stitchers!

It was my Tilda project, they are going to look great in my bedroom for Christmas!

Where on earth has the week GONE ???

I have lost a whole week ! Monday was my/our wedding anniversary (19th) and I was greeted with this beautifully wrapped present - yes for those farmers out there that is a Scottish thistle and brown paper!! And it was a new milking apron and gloves........I think there is a subtle hint that he wants me in the shed and that now I have all the gear there is no excuses.............but I am a bright girl I am sure I will think of a few excuses but nice try Hubie!!!

But my real pressie was this red pack of Zen and it smells beautiful ! Just had a thought maybe there is a hint here??????
Lots of gardening in my garden this week as well and still lots to go!  Been stitching up a storm for my SSCS with chookyblue. And then on Thursday I was a judge for Ngaere school pet day on their inside creations, lots of vegetable creations, sand saucers, biscuit and decorated cakes, miniature garden etc.  It was so much fun. 

So that's why my week disappeared, hope you are having a fabulous weekend, Michelle

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hand stitching

Just a quick post today, yesterday I spent the day in my craft room doing.....................

The fabric range is Pom Pom De Paris, these photos
do not do it justice ! The colour is more beautiful.
Just hand stitching to go ! Michelle

Friday, 21 October 2011

Grand opening

Finally, finally my craft room is finished !!(doing happy, happy dance - not a good visual to think about !!!) I am so pleased all fabric and other craft supplies in! Well I am missing a couple of box's, but I am sure I will find in time.
This is the entrance view,

view to the right,

view to the left, look at all these wonderful cubbies (hubby thought I wouldn't fill them ?),


I have been in there already playing and just
love it. It feels so cosy and organised - I wonder how long
that will last ???? 
Have a great weekend and GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!!!!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

We NOW have a name.........our stitching group

 Wow what a week and its almost over........................but on Tuesday our stitching group met at Claire's and we officially have a name Kindred Heart Stitches.

 And when I looked up the meaning of kindred-someone with the same feelings or attitudes as oneself.  It fits us perfectly!! So the group has increased, we welcome Nicky she is so lovely and she brought her two little girls which are just the cutest! And Michelle had her Mum their and Claire's Mum joined us after lunch - it was such a great day with lots of chatter!  Our challenge this month was to make something out of our Tilda books,

 Michelle' made the pillow -it is more beautiful than it looks in the picture - is that possible - any way and underneath the pillow is the baby quilt we all made a few months ago and she has finished it with beautiful quilting! (I am inspired to finish mine now !)  Then she also brought along a girly quilt she has made for a friends daughter - lucky wee girl !!

Now is Claire's creation for the month..................................................
And here is a close up

Is this not gorgeous ?? And I have just realised that I have not taken any photos of mine ! The camera is flat so I will have to show you tomorrow - sorry !

 This is Nicky, she brought along what she has been doing.........just beautiful !!! And this is one of her gorgeous wee girls Jay. And below is more of what Nicky has been making and a few Op shop finds.
It was such a lovely day and I can't leave without showing you a picture of Claire's linen cupboard which she has cleaned out and it looks as pretty as a picture! It's so tidy, but she has little piles tired with ribbon and cute.

I hope everyone has had a great week. Before I go HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD, I will ring you tonite!!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Just because ...................and a finish

A warm welcome to my 2 new followers, it was a lovely surprise .  And on Friday I had another lovely surprise, my hubbie arrived home with a beautiful bunch of flowers- when asked why - just because - I love just because !

And as for my finish ..................................

I love the little rusty bells and the holly and buttons where an after thought, but I love it !
Have a great Tuesday, Michelle.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Upcycled book

I thought I would show you this....
I made it using an old book I brought from a Op shop.  It did have old family photos in it but this morning instead of cleaning, I put old postcards and an antique doily in it.  I have it sitting on top of my podge mod suitcase and just love the way it looks.  This idea has endless possibilities .......................................
I hope your Wednesday is going well and you are achieving more than me !

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Garden colour

Yesterday the boy's and I headed to Urenui to mine Mum and Dads to steal a trailer load of top soil for our veggie garden. After being fed to over full the boys went and loaded up the top soil, Mum and I decided to have alook at her garden.

I can't believe how much colour there is for this time of the year.
And below is their veg patch.......I think they are going to feed the district !
I came home with my top soil (thanks Dad) and lots of cuttings for my new garden -  (thanks Mum).  Then we, no Ben unloaded the top soil with the help or supervision from his cat.
so all and all we had a great day, hope your Saturday was fun.