Thursday, 20 October 2011

We NOW have a name.........our stitching group

 Wow what a week and its almost over........................but on Tuesday our stitching group met at Claire's and we officially have a name Kindred Heart Stitches.

 And when I looked up the meaning of kindred-someone with the same feelings or attitudes as oneself.  It fits us perfectly!! So the group has increased, we welcome Nicky she is so lovely and she brought her two little girls which are just the cutest! And Michelle had her Mum their and Claire's Mum joined us after lunch - it was such a great day with lots of chatter!  Our challenge this month was to make something out of our Tilda books,

 Michelle' made the pillow -it is more beautiful than it looks in the picture - is that possible - any way and underneath the pillow is the baby quilt we all made a few months ago and she has finished it with beautiful quilting! (I am inspired to finish mine now !)  Then she also brought along a girly quilt she has made for a friends daughter - lucky wee girl !!

Now is Claire's creation for the month..................................................
And here is a close up

Is this not gorgeous ?? And I have just realised that I have not taken any photos of mine ! The camera is flat so I will have to show you tomorrow - sorry !

 This is Nicky, she brought along what she has been doing.........just beautiful !!! And this is one of her gorgeous wee girls Jay. And below is more of what Nicky has been making and a few Op shop finds.
It was such a lovely day and I can't leave without showing you a picture of Claire's linen cupboard which she has cleaned out and it looks as pretty as a picture! It's so tidy, but she has little piles tired with ribbon and cute.

I hope everyone has had a great week. Before I go HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD, I will ring you tonite!!


  1. What a lovely post Michelle. I love seeing what you girls across the ditch are doing. Beautiful photos. I adore Claires linen closet and old suitcases (I am ashamed of mine). I think your name is just beautiful and have always loved "Kindred" ever since I heard Anne of Green Gables tell Mirilla or was it Diana they were "Kindred Spirits". My group of Kindred Spirits and fellow stitchers are celebrating being together for 25 years on November 9th. I have belonged for 17 years and have been the best enjoy your lovely sisterhood it sounds very special.

  2. that's great you have a name. you girls sound like and look like you have plenty of fun.

  3. It is a lovely post, and lots of inspiring things to see. How nice to have a group of 'kindred' friends to work on crafts together!