Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I'm back and have one question for the Gold Coast..............where is the SUN?????? We where there for 10 days and they only gave us one day of sunshine!!  We had a fantastic trip the boys won the 7's trophy and we went thru the tournament unbeaten and hence won the trophy for the under 18 red division.  We went from this beautiful back drop to the mud and rain!

I have been home a week and its been fairly busy, with sport and we have cows calving..... early! But I had a wee mum moment this week as Ben had his first school ball.......................

This is Tatiara, his date to the ball, he looked handsome and she looked gorgeous.  Well I better go and do some housework it is long over due!  Have a great day, Michelle.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I need to pack a bag

And I do, on Thursday we are flying to Auckland for the night and then early Friday morning we will meet up with a bus full of 26 boys and a few brave parents who hopefully will survive the bus trip of about 6/7 hours!!!!.  I think all up there are 50 of us going on this trip.  We are heading to the Gold Coast where the boys will compete in the 'Rugby Carnival 2012'.  There has been alot of fun raising to make this posible and they are all excited ! For some it is the first time over seas. So I really need to get my 2 boys really-clothes, rugby boots, mouth guards, tooth brush-hopefully this will get used !!  And then there is getting me and hubbie packed !  I so don't feel like it at the moment I have got a pretty mean head cold and sore throat.
While I am away a family friends daughter is having a 21st and I was asked to make the cake but I will be in Oz which is only a small problem !!  So instead her mum is going to make the cake all I had to do was make a cow, sheep and horse to go on the top !  I think they kinda look like what they are supposed too..................

So I'll be away for about 10 days, hopefully the weather will be fine but not too hot for the boys to play rugby in.  See you all when I get back, Michelle.