Thursday, 13 March 2014

Challenge results......

 Do you remember the above items?  These are the items for this months challenge and yesterday we met at Claire s for the big reveal.  I would firstly like to say I am glad we only do these kind of challenges once a year, because it took ages to decide what to do and as usual I left mine to the last minute!  (maybe it is the head cold!!)  So lets see the results.....................................
These are my goodies.




And lucky last Claire's.
Don't you just love the bust on Claire's project?  What else could you do with the polystyrene ball??  And speaking of Claire, as usual we had a wonderful day and a gorgeous lunch-all recipes from Pinterest-we love being her pinterest piggy's!  And then we all went to a new quilt shop in Hawera ( spent some money, you can never have enough fabric!!! ) it was a great way of finishing the day!  But I am little worried about Claire, I think she is loosing the plot at long last................have a look at the picture below, this is her tree outside her house she is decorating????
Well that's all for me today folks, hope you are having a wonderful Thursday.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Verdigris workshop

 On Wednesday morning, myself, my friend Julie, (below)
and my Mum (below)

we went to a very cool shop called 'Verdigris Creative Studio' (in Stratford) and did a workshop.  It was a great morning and I think we plan on heading back and doing more workshops.
So we each painted the outside hearts and we all did tissue paper on our centre hearts.  They are all so different, but really easy.


Well not sure were the week has gone, but it Friday already.  Enjoy your weekend and for those reader's in the 'Naki' it is a long weekend for us!   I really enjoyed Wednesday, great company and lots of laughs, I think we need to do more of this! (sorry about the photo's Julie and Mum-well actually I am not!!!)