Thursday, 13 March 2014

Challenge results......

 Do you remember the above items?  These are the items for this months challenge and yesterday we met at Claire s for the big reveal.  I would firstly like to say I am glad we only do these kind of challenges once a year, because it took ages to decide what to do and as usual I left mine to the last minute!  (maybe it is the head cold!!)  So lets see the results.....................................
These are my goodies.




And lucky last Claire's.
Don't you just love the bust on Claire's project?  What else could you do with the polystyrene ball??  And speaking of Claire, as usual we had a wonderful day and a gorgeous lunch-all recipes from Pinterest-we love being her pinterest piggy's!  And then we all went to a new quilt shop in Hawera ( spent some money, you can never have enough fabric!!! ) it was a great way of finishing the day!  But I am little worried about Claire, I think she is loosing the plot at long last................have a look at the picture below, this is her tree outside her house she is decorating????
Well that's all for me today folks, hope you are having a wonderful Thursday.


  1. Hi Michelle - well I was waiting in anticipation to see what you girls came up with & I honestly LOVE THEM ALL!!! You are such a talented bunch of girls. Yes I can imagine those challenges really push you out of your comfort zone.
    And as for that Claire ... I thought she lost the plot long ago !!! She is "yarn bombing" but with doilies ... guess thats called "doiley bombing" Bet her neighbours just love her !!!! Great post michelle x0x0

  2. Lovely! Clever creative gals! Claire's booby creation is funny as well as the doliey tree!
    Is there a website for the new quiltshop? You southern Naki girls will be happy to have a shop again. Mind you it would be hard to replace one as lovely as Claire's one she used to have.

  3. Wow they are all so creative, graet job and sounds like such fun

  4. Love seeing what you girls come up with... So clever!!!

  5. Clever works of art all of you!!! SO fun to see the different personalities shining through!! Doiley Bombing - now I"ve seen it all!!!

  6. Lovely creations and the doily bombing is very beautiful!! Love the hearts you made in the previous post too.

  7. Oh boy that looks like fun. Couldn't get more different looking combinations if you tried, but they are so lovely and creative. That doily bombing is awesome!!

  8. Good morning my dear. You ladies are so talented and make the cutest things. Sounds like you have a wonderful time.

  9. Everyone made such beautiful things - I love your angel Michelle!
    Nicky's little dress and the box assemblage are clever too.
    Being a lover of lace.... now what street did you say Claire lived in???!! Just joking.
    I've heard about "dressing up the Streets" I think it might have been in Titirangi, where they made Prayer Flags.