Friday, 7 March 2014

Verdigris workshop

 On Wednesday morning, myself, my friend Julie, (below)
and my Mum (below)

we went to a very cool shop called 'Verdigris Creative Studio' (in Stratford) and did a workshop.  It was a great morning and I think we plan on heading back and doing more workshops.
So we each painted the outside hearts and we all did tissue paper on our centre hearts.  They are all so different, but really easy.


Well not sure were the week has gone, but it Friday already.  Enjoy your weekend and for those reader's in the 'Naki' it is a long weekend for us!   I really enjoyed Wednesday, great company and lots of laughs, I think we need to do more of this! (sorry about the photo's Julie and Mum-well actually I am not!!!)


  1. Oh they are all beautiful.. Hard to pick a fav. I do love the wee birdies though. What fun for you all x

  2. Yes they sure are all gorgeous Michelle - what a fun thing to do. I think my absolute fav's are the red ones though :-)

  3. Wow!!! I'm with Julie....loving the red!

  4. Way cool - looks like a gret way to spend a day :-)

  5. Beautiful Michelle, I'd be heading back for more classes too...these are lovely!