Tuesday, 24 April 2012

In need of a cuppa

Just a quick post because sitting back looking at the state of my lounge and kitchen rite now I think I need my head read!!  Thought it was time for a change around and a dust (that is long over due !!) as for the change around -  I am limited as we live in such a small house, and now I wish I had never started but there is only one way and that is too finish! So a quick cuppa and then back to it.  I am pleased with  my mangle and kitchen unit..............................

Well better get back to it and I promise in the next few days to reply to all those who have sent comments and email.
Take care, Michelle

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Kindred Heart Stitchers

Yesterday our group met at Michelle's place for our monthly get together, she has her home looking so beautiful!  Love the dresser with all the blue and white ( makes me want to get mine out ?!! but no room!!) But it is so beautiful.  So yesterday was supposed to be day were we made our paper mache, but communication break down they had already done it, so lucky I took along my unpicking along.  As usual Michelle had a yummy lunch which was topped off with the most Divine raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake!!
                                         These are Michelle's and Nicky's paper mache boxes.
It was also Nancy's birthday month, we gave her our pressies but I was so wrapped up in watching her unwrapping her goodies I forgot to take a photo !  But I do have a photo of her with the kids decorating the gingerbread men she made for the kids to decorate!
Claire brought along a quilt she finished and while there yesterday, sewed on a binding and hand stitched it down! (Well done Claire-hate that job!!)  The first quilt pictured below is the finish and the second is the binding one- so love this quilt!! Clever lady- but don't tell her that !!

Was a great day with lots of laughs and fab food, and when I thought the day couldn't get any better Claire gave us an envelope with goodies in  it for next months challenge.  We all have the same and can do anything with it but we have to use everything or at lease a piece of everything! It is so exciting, can't wait to see what we all make ?
Now the thinking has began, no idea at the moment, but I have a month and I think I will need it.  Enjoy your Wednesday, Michelle.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Finally a finish!

Can't believe this is my first post for April and we are half way thru the month!  I seem to be busy at the moment but not alot of craft, (not good!)
At the beginning of every year I always sit down with my craft books and mags and look thru them dreaming of what projects I am going to do in the year ahead, well amazing to me ...........I have finished one that I chose.  I narrow down the projects to 3, hoping that it is not too much pressure and I will get one finished!
I can tick this one off the list...........................

Above is the true colour.
I had thought of making two of these..........................hmmm NO !  This was quite a bit of work, which surprised me ! This was in an old Country Threads pattern in Vol 1 No 5.
  Busy week ahead, on Tuesday we have Kindred Heart Stitches, seems funny this month as we didn't have a project to do we are going to do it at Michelle's.  I am looking forward to catching up with the girls!
Enjoy what is left of your weekend I am off to bake for the boys,