Sunday, 15 April 2012

Finally a finish!

Can't believe this is my first post for April and we are half way thru the month!  I seem to be busy at the moment but not alot of craft, (not good!)
At the beginning of every year I always sit down with my craft books and mags and look thru them dreaming of what projects I am going to do in the year ahead, well amazing to me ...........I have finished one that I chose.  I narrow down the projects to 3, hoping that it is not too much pressure and I will get one finished!
I can tick this one off the list...........................

Above is the true colour.
I had thought of making two of these..........................hmmm NO !  This was quite a bit of work, which surprised me ! This was in an old Country Threads pattern in Vol 1 No 5.
  Busy week ahead, on Tuesday we have Kindred Heart Stitches, seems funny this month as we didn't have a project to do we are going to do it at Michelle's.  I am looking forward to catching up with the girls!
Enjoy what is left of your weekend I am off to bake for the boys,


  1. What an amazing pillow! Clever you, so much work has paid off! Happy creating! X

  2. Neat cushion, you know I get you two Michelle's muddled up!

  3. Thanks for checking on me Michelle, I have updated my blog for you is ok, just taking each day as it comes.
    I am loving some of your new rusties,.....have even done an in advance blog post with some of my new rusties....

  4. Oh my gosh I just love your pillow. Your work is beautiful. Well worth it.