Thursday, 29 March 2012

Kindred Heart Stitchers-last week !

Been having a few problems with uploading photos-(do you buy more space???- any help would be appreciated!)
Any whoo getting back to KHS, it was last week and was alot of fun.  So much laughing, good food and company, what a great way to spend the day!  Our theme for the month was kitchen and as usual a aray of projects turned up.  Above is mine, not finished as I couldn't get any glue to stick to the muffin pan, it was suggested that I paint the inside and try that.  In the back ground is some bobbins and a heart Nicky gave me.
I also tried my hand a painting,  this is in a loaf tin and now hangs in my kitchen.
Michelle made an apron and has yet to put some chicken scratch stitching on it, she also made a apron for her dish washing liquid and was knitting a kitchen mat from fabric selvages-very productive month!
 Loraine also made some aprons for her granddaughters not quite finished but lucky granddaughters when she is!  The fabric is very cute.


What can I say, I love this idea ! And as for that box and those doilies I wander if she will notice it at my place?

That leaves us with Claire, who brought along 3 things and she knitted us all a lovely cream cotton dish cloth - thanks Claire, mine looks too nice to use, so it may be a display for now.
 This apron is made from 2 tea towels,
I think it is very cute and would made
a wonderful gift!
I really love these days, especially with show
and tell.  I think the fact, that we are so excited for the
other person who has found a treasure shows what
great friends we are.
Enjoy your week, Michelle.


  1. Hey Michelle
    Sometimes blogger plays up, maybe it's all the horrible weather we keep having! Hope you are having a great week...

  2. Blogger is strange sometimes. I get sideways photo's sometimes?
    Fun day & cute projects.

  3. I love catching up with your freinds and their doings. Thanks for the show and tell.

  4. Very clever group of friends, I love to see how others "re-purpose" finds.