Saturday, 17 March 2012

My boy's

Yesterday I was home by myself as Hubie had gone to Te Kuiti to do stock work and Ben had gone to the Central Field days with the school and my youngest Cody had gone with some family friends also to the Field days.  I was left at home to catch up on washing and milk - which I did not mind at all!  When they returned last night and began telling me all about their day and what had happened, Cody pulled out of his bag a gift for me.   'I brought you this Mum because you where left at home by yourself and had to milk while we where having fun', after this wee speech he gave this beautiful picture which was so my taste!
I love this!

When I went to bed last night, I was smiling and this was a little reminder to me about how proud I am of my boys who are growing into the loving, caring, hard working young men I have always wanted them to grow into.  Which got me thinking about the promise I made to myself
when I became their mum there was a few things I wanted for my boys, I wanted them to know how much they where loved everyday, I wanted them to have respect for themselves and others, I wanted them to know that family is forever and that we are always here for them and that they should be there for each other,  I wanted them to treasure the little things in life, I also want them to take every opportunity that comes their way big or small because you never know where it will lead or who it may lead too!  I wanted them to be honest and hard working, I wanted them to be able to talk to me no matter what and sometimes I may be disappointed but will always love them.  When I became their mum I saw this as my job to instill as many of these values as possible, and so far I am very proud of how they are evolving.  So I think this is enough ramblings of a proud Mum.  I know that I am blessed.

Enjoy your children this weekend, Michelle.


  1. Michelle that is such a wonderful post. The sentiment behind your son's gift is so lovely, I can understand you going to bed with a smile!

  2. A very beautiful and special post Michelle and I would say you have fulfilled your quest to the letter. It is no insignificant thing to raise decent young men and women.....seeing them grow is something wonderful. Smile away.

  3. I've just read your post - had to write and tell you how wonderful it was - very special - keep smiling :)

    1. thanks Jenny, every time I look at that picture it brings a smile to my face!