Wednesday, 27 July 2016

My pumpkins I made for this months challenge.
Nancy's project for the month.
Michelle's whisk challenge-missing bird still
not found??
Claire's Santa take on the stitchery!
A block holder Claire brought for show and tell.
Another almost finish for Claire! (nice facial Claire!!)
Nick and some wool finishes!!
Michelle with some birthday treasures and Nick's pillow was
her challenge for this month!
So this months met was at home and after a roast dinner it was time for a catch up!!  The night was not long enough and with life commitments our next meeting isn't till September!!
Have a great day, Michelle.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

A piece of work

I started this Winter sampler about 3 weeks ago and have surprised myself this morning with how many I have actually finished!  They are very simple stitchery's which I am stitching in black, green and red. I am really enjoying these as there is not much thinking while watching TV!
I hope you enjoy your weekend, happy stitching!!

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Twenty one !!

Life has been crazy busy this past month, boys returning from Oz (that was exciting!!! one from work and one from a holiday! still missed them both!! And was over the moon to have them home again!!) then water blasting the house and tiding up the grounds as we had Ben's 21st party to get ready for!  It came around so fast and ended up being a fantastic weekend and I am slowly getting over it.  Not as young as I once was and don't really do the late nights like I used too!!  Got home at 4 am - I should not need to say anymore!!
The  cake turned out better than I thought, his key looked great, (my Uncle gave me this gorgeous piece of heart rimu which we used to mount the key on. ) and his photo book I made with favorite photos of him growing up, it seemed to all come together!  While doing the photo book, you realize how time speeds by, I think we don't truly realize this until we get older!

All and all it has been a great time and like my youngest son told me, √≥ne down, one to go'!!  I have been doing some stitching at night so will take some photos soon and post! Until then, have a great week and take care,