Thursday, 29 March 2012

Kindred Heart Stitchers-last week !

Been having a few problems with uploading photos-(do you buy more space???- any help would be appreciated!)
Any whoo getting back to KHS, it was last week and was alot of fun.  So much laughing, good food and company, what a great way to spend the day!  Our theme for the month was kitchen and as usual a aray of projects turned up.  Above is mine, not finished as I couldn't get any glue to stick to the muffin pan, it was suggested that I paint the inside and try that.  In the back ground is some bobbins and a heart Nicky gave me.
I also tried my hand a painting,  this is in a loaf tin and now hangs in my kitchen.
Michelle made an apron and has yet to put some chicken scratch stitching on it, she also made a apron for her dish washing liquid and was knitting a kitchen mat from fabric selvages-very productive month!
 Loraine also made some aprons for her granddaughters not quite finished but lucky granddaughters when she is!  The fabric is very cute.


What can I say, I love this idea ! And as for that box and those doilies I wander if she will notice it at my place?

That leaves us with Claire, who brought along 3 things and she knitted us all a lovely cream cotton dish cloth - thanks Claire, mine looks too nice to use, so it may be a display for now.
 This apron is made from 2 tea towels,
I think it is very cute and would made
a wonderful gift!
I really love these days, especially with show
and tell.  I think the fact, that we are so excited for the
other person who has found a treasure shows what
great friends we are.
Enjoy your week, Michelle.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

My boy's

Yesterday I was home by myself as Hubie had gone to Te Kuiti to do stock work and Ben had gone to the Central Field days with the school and my youngest Cody had gone with some family friends also to the Field days.  I was left at home to catch up on washing and milk - which I did not mind at all!  When they returned last night and began telling me all about their day and what had happened, Cody pulled out of his bag a gift for me.   'I brought you this Mum because you where left at home by yourself and had to milk while we where having fun', after this wee speech he gave this beautiful picture which was so my taste!
I love this!

When I went to bed last night, I was smiling and this was a little reminder to me about how proud I am of my boys who are growing into the loving, caring, hard working young men I have always wanted them to grow into.  Which got me thinking about the promise I made to myself
when I became their mum there was a few things I wanted for my boys, I wanted them to know how much they where loved everyday, I wanted them to have respect for themselves and others, I wanted them to know that family is forever and that we are always here for them and that they should be there for each other,  I wanted them to treasure the little things in life, I also want them to take every opportunity that comes their way big or small because you never know where it will lead or who it may lead too!  I wanted them to be honest and hard working, I wanted them to be able to talk to me no matter what and sometimes I may be disappointed but will always love them.  When I became their mum I saw this as my job to instill as many of these values as possible, and so far I am very proud of how they are evolving.  So I think this is enough ramblings of a proud Mum.  I know that I am blessed.

Enjoy your children this weekend, Michelle.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Rusty treasures

Are these not the cutest treasures!! Not everyone's cup of tea I know but I love rusty!! I brought these off trade me, as you can tell I am pretty happy about this buy and the fabric in the front with the angels is so sweet will have to find a special project for that.  Now my next buy was from a couple of weeks ago and has been sitting in my lounge while I have been deciding where it is going to go and finally after tripping over it for the tenth time I made a decision and am pleased with the position it is now in ! Although I need some help, it has a black board on the top and I need a saying or quote to write on it?   Maybe a quilting or sewing saying ?  Any ideas???

I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday, Michelle.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Thought I better explain to all my wonderful blog friends why I have been so slack lately!  Last May my father in law died suddenly which really sent my husbands family in a tail spin. So since May we have spent alot of time with his mum.  (She is 3 hours away.) She decided after spending a very long cold winter on the farm that she would lease the farm out and buy a house in town.  So last weekend we moved her into a lovely house in town which she loves.  It was an emotional move for her as she has spent the last 47 years in one house-amazing to me as we have had many moves-too many to mention!! We had a clearing sale on the farm on the 18th Feb which was very time consuming for hubby not me, I stayed home and milked-that was the easy job!  And the other news is we leased the home farm of 340 acres. It is a dry stock block and no we are not moving, we will run the farm from here(I foresee alot of travelling in my future).  Aside from all of this I feel as if I had lost my mojo but good news is I feel it coming back!
On Sunday nite after returning from moving my mother in law I checked my blog to see what you all have been up too and then checked 'trademe' for auctions I was bidding on, luck had it I was just in time for my auction of a Hatched and Patched xmas table topper kit.
I ended up in a bidding war! With an unknown bidder well that's what I thought! But not long after I won the auction the phone rang and it was none other than the wonderful Claire who demanded to know if I had just won an auction!!   'Thought it was you!'  she said!!   That was so funny, so after a wee bit of chatter I made kind-of plans to call in on Tuesday and see her. So on the way to Hawera I called into a couple of thrift/Op shops and this is what I brought on the way..............................
A beautiful tray cloth but there was also a serviette.

Thanks to Claire, she showed me how it fits into the teacup.  It is so cute!

When I arrived at Claire's I found her in her P J's. (Now that is two of kindred heart stitchers I have caught out, maybe 3 actually when I first met Nicky she was in her jimmies) so after a cuppa we decided to go thrifting, with not alot of luck, but we had the most yummy lunch!  I did leave Claire's with some treasures,
She gave me this beautiful rustic cream can.

And this is it's new home, well for now as I have plans for this.  Thank you Claire it is just the day I needed and thanks for the mojo help I came home all inspired!! 
So time has been of the essence lately, and I apologise to all those who have commented on my blog and I have not responded, I will do better in the future.
Have a great day, Michelle.