Sunday, 11 March 2012

Thought I better explain to all my wonderful blog friends why I have been so slack lately!  Last May my father in law died suddenly which really sent my husbands family in a tail spin. So since May we have spent alot of time with his mum.  (She is 3 hours away.) She decided after spending a very long cold winter on the farm that she would lease the farm out and buy a house in town.  So last weekend we moved her into a lovely house in town which she loves.  It was an emotional move for her as she has spent the last 47 years in one house-amazing to me as we have had many moves-too many to mention!! We had a clearing sale on the farm on the 18th Feb which was very time consuming for hubby not me, I stayed home and milked-that was the easy job!  And the other news is we leased the home farm of 340 acres. It is a dry stock block and no we are not moving, we will run the farm from here(I foresee alot of travelling in my future).  Aside from all of this I feel as if I had lost my mojo but good news is I feel it coming back!
On Sunday nite after returning from moving my mother in law I checked my blog to see what you all have been up too and then checked 'trademe' for auctions I was bidding on, luck had it I was just in time for my auction of a Hatched and Patched xmas table topper kit.
I ended up in a bidding war! With an unknown bidder well that's what I thought! But not long after I won the auction the phone rang and it was none other than the wonderful Claire who demanded to know if I had just won an auction!!   'Thought it was you!'  she said!!   That was so funny, so after a wee bit of chatter I made kind-of plans to call in on Tuesday and see her. So on the way to Hawera I called into a couple of thrift/Op shops and this is what I brought on the way..............................
A beautiful tray cloth but there was also a serviette.

Thanks to Claire, she showed me how it fits into the teacup.  It is so cute!

When I arrived at Claire's I found her in her P J's. (Now that is two of kindred heart stitchers I have caught out, maybe 3 actually when I first met Nicky she was in her jimmies) so after a cuppa we decided to go thrifting, with not alot of luck, but we had the most yummy lunch!  I did leave Claire's with some treasures,
She gave me this beautiful rustic cream can.

And this is it's new home, well for now as I have plans for this.  Thank you Claire it is just the day I needed and thanks for the mojo help I came home all inspired!! 
So time has been of the essence lately, and I apologise to all those who have commented on my blog and I have not responded, I will do better in the future.
Have a great day, Michelle.


  1. Hi Michelle, so nice to read your post, your family has certainly been busy. I love all your new buys and finds, hope your inspiration returns completely!

  2. My goodness, no need to be apologising! Tough times call for prioritising.
    Wishing all the full Mojo power back to you!

  3. He he... you two are so funny! What were you bidding on?
    The cream can looks great there... but I think it would have looked even better at my house!

  4. Lovely to have you back Michelle. You sure got some sweet things there. Love the tray cloth and serviette.

  5. Michelle I am so glad you fell your mojo coming back. Sounds like you have been a busy girl. Love all the finds. How sweet of Claire to give to the milk can. It is so you.

  6. I agree with Michelle, the cream can would look better at her/my place! tehe. Glad to hear your all ok. Nick