Monday, 30 May 2011

Can the day be anymore perfect..........

 Look what arrived in the mail this morning, I love these mornings,  a perfect start!!!!                                       

This came all the way from the US and in only 9 days! NZ post what is going on with your delivery
then? It can take 7 days for local mail??? 
Now back to my beautiful fabric-Moda Pom Pom De Paris! 

I know already what I am doing this!



this also arrived.......

Anni Downs new book- Some kind of Wonderful, and it is wonderful, there is not one project in this
book that I don't like! Well the sky has cleared and I do really need to pull a few weeds in the garden,
so best I not put this job off any longer!!! Hope everyone is having a great day!
Happy stitching, Michelle.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Disappearing 9 patch

Well a great week for me sewing wise, over the last two days I have made this cot quilt for a cousin who has just had a cute wee fella called Millen.  I have almost finished my project for the month just hand quilting to go!
And while in Hawera on Wednesday, I had a quick look in the Op shops and brought a few treasures. Love the old hat box but not the colour, so will repaint that-hopefully over the weekend! Also found a beautiful old postcard-I do have plans for that also. And the found of the week was this beautiful old lace pram cover!!  I also found for an incredible price of 50cents this old cotton bag, great lacey look!
Alot of photos I know, have a great weekend and hope to catch up again over the weekend!
Happy stitching, Michelle.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sweet 16

Today is my son's birthday-Happy birthday Ben-sweet 16!!!!!! He is going to be so embarrassed!
From this sweet wee thing, to a handsome,loving,hardworking young man who we are very proud of.
Last nite we went out to tea to celebrate his birthday with his Nana,Poppa,Uncle Steve, Aunty Catherine,Travis,Ella(cousins) and us! It was a great night.The meal was at Lone Star in New Plymouth, they are huge meals and very yummy-especially the Moro/kahlua cheesecake!!!!!!
As for today, not that hungry, but managed to cut out and start sewing this months project for our stitching group. I decided to use scraps from my stash! Quite pleased so far.
Hope everyone had a great weekend,

Friday, 20 May 2011

Favourite Friday

Just a quick post today........................favourite things Friday!!
I made this awhile ago but it is still one of my favourites!! It's a Tracy North pattern..............great Oz designer!
Enjoy the weekend, happy stitching Michelle.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

It feels like...

I haven't blogged for ages! But yesterday was our quilting group get together and it was at Nancy's house.(Claire's mum). Yum....... because it is mainly about the food and not the stitching and quilting, but she make a yummy home made soup and home made bread and followed by muffins and a fab apple slice!!!!! So after show and tell, we went for a tour around the house! She has so many beautiful quilts and cross stitches, a very talented lady and great hostess!
Some photo's of Nancy's spear bed and stitchery. Also a photo of Michelle and Jackie looking at Michelle's Ti's the season stitchery which she has done with bliss fabric range and it looks very cute! And Claire with the candle holder I made her for her birthday, Michelle made her a bunting, which I didn't get a photo of mainly because I was goo-ing over Michelle's new books!!!!

This month we are not doing something Christmas, we have decided to make a doll quilt, from Michelle's new book, it looks very cute!
Well must away and catch up with what everyone is up too!
Happy stitching, Michelle.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Birthday cake

Can't believe another week has flown by, and not alot of sewing was done, although I did make a 40th birthday cake for a friend (hi Julie). Last minute and abit rushed (that's the cake!) but it was a great nite.
Hopefully by Sunday I will have some sewing to show for my week, until then have a great weekend!!
Happy stitching, Michelle.

Sunday, 8 May 2011


Happy Mothers Day everyone, enjoy your day with your children!!!
 Happy stitching,Michelle.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

A tis the season finish

Just a small finish, but it's quite cute and really fast to make! The pattern actually has alot of potential.

I can see this at Christmas stuffed with greenery and
a cloth gingerbread man in it!
Happy stitching, Michelle.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Rustic or maybe alittle prim?

Finally finished my candle jar! I have seen alot of tutorials but put my own spin it!

And I am very happy with the finished product. Now I think I may need to make alittle candle mat for it?
Happy stitching, Michelle.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Whats in a name?

While over visiting Rag-tag stitchin the other day I discovered not only do we share the same name but also the same collection! I  wonder how many people who share the same name also share the characteristic's?  I must admit since entering into blog land I have now met two other Michelle's who share not only my name but my interests. So I decided to google MICHELLE-it's origin believed to be Hebrew, meaning-'who resembles God'. Feminine form of Michael. A popular name in the 1940's and 1970's thanks to the Beatles song - Michelle. We even have a hurricane named after us from 2001!  So as promised to the other Michelle, here is a look at my pink collection:

 Well the weather has really packed up here in Stratford, so have an enjoyable nite stitching, Michelle.

Monday, 2 May 2011

All heart

Another finish, this was my last project to finish from our March stitching group.  After seeing Claire's all finished it inspired me to finish mine! I decided not to make it Christmasy, I want it out all year!
Kids are back at school and all is quiet..........................I don't like quiet, I love having the kids about! Well more time for sewing I guess, have a great day.
Happy stitching, Michelle.