Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Quilt show

Hey everyone, I am back,  a little worse for wear (spent yesterday on the couch with ear ache!)But pleased to be home! Loved the holiday to Sydney and had a great time with the family. Over the next week I will bore you silly with photos!!! The top photo is a view from our apartment window.
The quilt show was very cool and very big, ended up there for 2 days. The display of quilts where beautiful and apart from the sore feet loved it!

So I have come home, broke, but very inspired!
Happy stitching, Michelle.

Friday, 17 June 2011

2 Sleeps till.................SYDNEY!!

This has crept up on me!! With Mikes Dad, kids sport, farm, and of course the stitching group, the flu and other craft, time has slipped away and now it's 2 more sleeps!!  The kids are packed and I haven't started! But by the looks of the cat, (Prickles) she thinks she is coming!  So as long as the flights are still all go????Ash cloud and all the back log we will be in Sydney by Sunday afternoon ! Nothing is planned except the Craft show!!!
Not sure what day, but I am going! So things will be quiet on this blog for 8 days, but will post heaps of photos when I get back!
 Enjoy your day, Michelle.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Stitchin' Group

Well another successful day with the stitchin' ladies (well kind of, alot of looking at each others books and not alot of stitching,but we a great day!)
I love this photo, Michelle is still reading and Claire
has just kicked back and would have slept if we had
let her!(too much peach pie and cream Claire!!!)

Look at Michelle always smiling!
Before the girls arrived I did a mad dash clean(which was really needed!)

I also got my frame filled with my summer flower photos, and hung in my room- a job that has been on my list of jobs for months! I am thrilled with it!
And lastly my hubbie went and visited his mum for a couple of days and while he was there he brought me a gift and I just love it!Is this not the cutest looking cream can??
So while Claire was here and avoiding doing any work she decided to decorate this for me!
I just love it!!!!!!

Well quite a full on day, I was really tired last nite! Enjoy your day everyone,
Happy stitching, Michelle.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Alittle help!

Finally a finish to show, it seems like it's been so long! Been busy cleaning today as the girls are coming Wednesday.  Started a few things last nite and was stopped many times because of a helpful cat called 'Moggy'!!!
Hopefully tonite I will be able to blog again, and show some sewing finishes!
So my new photo board started with this

and then with this,
and then this

and the finished photo board, ended up looking like this..........................
I am really pleased with the final look and am going to hang on the wall today! Hope everyone is having a great weekend and more productive than me, Happy stitching, Michelle.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I'm Back

Hello all, I am back! Have you noticed me gone???
Last Monday my father in law died suddenly on his farm doing what he loved - stock work. So we have been with my  husbands family.  Although the occasion was sad it was a great chance to catch up with  family.
A funeral certainly makes you appreciate what and whom you have.
Have a great day, Michelle.