Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Playing with resin

Last weekend while cleaning.................well actually making a space in my craft room I came across some resin, it is so easy to play with, so above are three Christmas angels, not that you can see in the photo's but they are coated in resin and are so glossy and shiny!  They have tin wings, two with paper and one with just a doily and resin.  I think I am going to put them aside, just in case I decide to have a table at a Christmas market this year?.
This has been my other distraction for the past ten days, he was born in the storm, was the smallest of three and his mother left him.............sad I know!  But he has spent the past ten days by the fire, pretty much demand feeding but I think he is getting close to going out in the garage as he thinks he is human.  He now jumps out of his box and follows me like a dog!  And if he can't hear anyone he goes looking!  You maybe be thinking "how cute'', but it is the uncontrollable bladder I have issues with!!
I hope everyone has a great week, filled with something crafty!!

Monday, 22 June 2015

for Julie,

Not a very good photo, was quickly taken on my phone! This dear wee chap was a birthday present for my friend Julie, we both share a love of snowmen!  I  have also made her a fairy wishes jar'',  at the moment she is in Australia visiting her son Jamie, so I will give it to her on her return.


Once I finished Julie's, I thought I would make one for myself, which is very different to Julies.

But I am pleased with both!  Been stitching and doing some secret sewing for a Christmas in July swap I have joined, so will be able to show more of that soon!  '

The weather here in Taranaki has been shocking, and my thoughts are with all the locals who are caught up in the floods.  On average we as a region got 280-300 mls of rain in 36 hours!  The damage is mind blowing!!
Take care everyone,

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Yes this is an almost finish, I started this in December (before I hurt my hand) and all I had done was the verse in the middle and upon seeing it last week hanging out of my stitching basket, I pulled it out and decided to finish it! So it is almost finished, I need to find a frame and frame it!  I have also been doing some secret stitching, but being secret means I can't show you!! -well not till July!
I do hope your Wednesday is nicer than mine in the 'naki'?