Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Yes this is an almost finish, I started this in December (before I hurt my hand) and all I had done was the verse in the middle and upon seeing it last week hanging out of my stitching basket, I pulled it out and decided to finish it! So it is almost finished, I need to find a frame and frame it!  I have also been doing some secret stitching, but being secret means I can't show you!! -well not till July!
I do hope your Wednesday is nicer than mine in the 'naki'?


  1. Cute! yes a lovely day here in Northland.

  2. That is really lovely Michelle , looks like wool felt ?? I love it as I have always loved that little verse. You will have to post again to show us when you have framed it. Weather here today was wet & nasty. Winter is definately here :-)

  3. Its lovely Michelle. I too have always loved that verse x