Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Just a little stitching.

Bloggers are such wonderful people!  I would firstly like to thank Julie from mythreadbearlife.blogspot.co.nz for a beautiful card and tags!  I think the connections we have as crafts women and bloggers is precious!
My house has been tipped upside down since Thursday as we had a pipe burst behind the shower and water everywhere!  Thanks goodness for insurance!  So hopefully soon, real soon our bathroom will be back in working order!

Just a little stitching at the moment, above is my first two blocks for our KHS monthly challenge, this year we are doing a BOM -Bronwyn Hayes.  The other stitchery's are Betsy's closet in stitchery.  I only have 4 to go, they are really quick to do!  (just noticed on my KHS 2nd block I haven't finished, I still have the window box to applique!)

And over the weekend our son had a shear in the novice at the Taranaki shears, he got 5th!  We were stoked for him!
I can't believe that tomorrow is the 1st April, is it me or does time fly faster the older you get??
Enjoy your week,

Friday, 20 March 2015

Esperance Australia

I need your help, my wonderful Australian bloggers!  I have a son in Esperance who is driving tractors and they don't work weekends, so I was wondering what there is to do in Esperance?  Or even surrounding towns?  I need some local know how?  I would appreciate any help to stop the boredom.
Thanks in advance, Michelle

Friday, 13 March 2015

I AM BACK !!!  It seems like for ever since I last posted and it was................way back in December!  I feel my mojo coming back and am ready to craft in 2015!  Since I last posted I got my hand kicked by a cow and had nerve damage, which put me out of action for about three weeks, it was actually really hard to deal with, there was so much I wanted and needed to do,  but I just had to sit and wait for it to come right and slowly it has! I think the hardest was when my new nephew was over from Singapore for Christmas and picking him up was painful, but I did it anyway (paid the price at night when it would ache!) He was so cute and worth the pain!

We have also had 2 KHS meetings, one of which was my birthday month. Below are my gifts, I was so spoilt!  Love birthday month!!
Above and below is what Nick gave me!
Recycled booties is there anything more cooler?  And before
rumors start I ain't in the family way!!!!
Nancy made me this beautiful stitchery pillow! 
Michelle (with hubby's help-thanks) made this fab blackboard,
which  has been used for a birthday and a welcome!  So love it!
Claire brought me these industrial looking bottles,
which now have hydrangeas in them.
So that is a very brief catch up and although I have been away from my blog I have still kept up with you all in blog land!  You are all incredibly inspiring, keep up your fabulous work ladies!