Friday, 13 March 2015

I AM BACK !!!  It seems like for ever since I last posted and it was................way back in December!  I feel my mojo coming back and am ready to craft in 2015!  Since I last posted I got my hand kicked by a cow and had nerve damage, which put me out of action for about three weeks, it was actually really hard to deal with, there was so much I wanted and needed to do,  but I just had to sit and wait for it to come right and slowly it has! I think the hardest was when my new nephew was over from Singapore for Christmas and picking him up was painful, but I did it anyway (paid the price at night when it would ache!) He was so cute and worth the pain!

We have also had 2 KHS meetings, one of which was my birthday month. Below are my gifts, I was so spoilt!  Love birthday month!!
Above and below is what Nick gave me!
Recycled booties is there anything more cooler?  And before
rumors start I ain't in the family way!!!!
Nancy made me this beautiful stitchery pillow! 
Michelle (with hubby's help-thanks) made this fab blackboard,
which  has been used for a birthday and a welcome!  So love it!
Claire brought me these industrial looking bottles,
which now have hydrangeas in them.
So that is a very brief catch up and although I have been away from my blog I have still kept up with you all in blog land!  You are all incredibly inspiring, keep up your fabulous work ladies!


  1. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michelle, your gifts are just beautiful & very You :-) So sorry to read about your hand injury. Good to see you back in blogland again. (p.s ... your gourd garland looks great hanging on your old seed drill.)

  2. Nice to see you back! The hand injury sounds painful and a bother when there is crafting to do. Your wee nephew is a sweetie. great birthday presents, I hope your day was special one.

  3. Lovely to read your post. Do sorry you have had such a painful injury. Happy belated birthday to you. Love your pressies... I even spied some of my gingies! Your nephew is such a cutie pie xxx

  4. Your poor hand, I hope it has mended well by now. Gorgeous little nephew and your gifts are lovely.