Saturday, 26 January 2013

B'day pressies.........

Today is my birthday and I just wanted to share my pressies from my boys and hubby!  This year I had no input so it was really exciting because normally I say things like 'love that', 'that's cute' etc you know just dropping little hints!
This is Cody's before I unwrapped and below is my gifts
very cute owl door stop, but too cute to use!

and this very cool bee cake stand.
Look how beautifully the shop wrapped Ben's!

Very cool coat hanger and basket

And this very cute sign-does look like my rules!!
And lastly hubby's present,  this very cool old flour tin, which I think was a misprint because this shape is normally a bread bin!  I am so spoilt and just love these guys to bits!! They know me so well, I think they did very well (its all the shopping, see dragging kids and hubby's through heaps of shops it is starting to pay off!! To all my Ozzie friends Happy Australian Day!!  Have a great day all, Michelle. 

Friday, 25 January 2013

There is nothing like an auction.

Yesterday I went to Hawera as Quinns Auctions have their weekly auction and I had read that they have 2 sets of baby scales .  I was really excited when I saw them, but I really wanted the ones above and I was lucky enough to walk away with them!!!

While I was there I also brought a box lot of antique clothes, these I think I will keep, the others I think I will sell on trade me!

I think I will tea dye the ones that need repairing!

And finally these are the other scales I brought, I need to repair or sew another canvas .
I had a great day and was stoked with my buys.  Enjoy the weekend, Michelle.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Memorable day

Last Wednesday afternoon we packed up the car and set sail for Waiheke Island.  This is an island that is a 45 minute ferry ride off to the side of Auckland.  We had one stop which was in Hamilton for night so we could break up the travel.  We spent a lovely night with our cousin Carol ( who is always a laugh!)  Then early Thursday morning - well 6 am we set off to Auckland and although we thought we would get lost we found the ferry terminal 1st pop, so had time to grab a quick bit of breakfast.  The ferry ride went really fast and we soon found ourselves on Waiheke.

 Now the reason for going to Waiheke Island was because my younger brother was getting married!  We had a fantastic time meeting all his friends which where really nice people, we had so many laughs I had to come home to give my ribs a break!!!  This is a great little Island to visit and we even had time to go to a market on Saturday before the wedding.  We also did the tourist thing and drove around the Island.  Waiheke had lots of vineyards and in fact the wedding was at the 'Mudbrick vineyard'.

This is my wee family all dressed and ready to go!

This is the lovely couple, Catherine, my new sister in-law is an awesome lady and makes my brother really happy-what more can a big sister ask for!!

This is a view at sunset from the 'Mudbrick vineyard' on the night of the wedding-
Amazingly beautiful!!!

On our way home through Auckland we discovered a sign with our surname so had to take some photos!!
We had a great five days away and is a holiday with plenty of memories! Although I am really tired and in need of some sleep! Enjoy your Wednesday,

Monday, 14 January 2013

Gorgeous gifts

At KHS on Friday the girls gave me their birthday gifts as this is my birthday month and I was truly spoilt!
Claire painted me this gorgeous snowman.

Nancy knitted me 3 dish cloths. (one in use already)

Nicky made me this gorgeous prim doll.

And Michelle brought me this gorgeous  cup/saucer stand and door stop.
I have very talented friends!!!  Thank you girls I feel very spoilt! Well better go as I am still packing up Christmas decorations! IT IS TAKING FOREVER!!!!
Have a great day, Michelle.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

First meeting for 2013 - KHS

Yesterday was our first meeting of the year for KHS, which was at Claire's home.  It was a great day, with lots of laughs and great food.  Claire got her recipes for the day from Pinterest (she is addicted!!!!!)  Very yummy crumble muffins for morning tea, and for lunch a yummy, yummy potatoe, bacon bake pie and salad. Now our project challenge for the month was Prim or Shabby.  I decided on the morning of our meeting ( I know there is nothing like the last minute!!)  to make a driftwood angel.
Michelle made a shabby scarf....................
Claire made a shabby bird nest hanging...............................

And a shabby lamp above.  Nicky and Lorraine where unable to attend but hopefully next month we will get a full turn out, it is so hard when every one is working and living busy lives.  I love all our projects and it was so much fun!  Next month our theme is RED.
Had to show you the table set for lunch, it was so cute, with our bow napkins!!  Also Claire had been very busy making other projects which she showed us and sorry I forgot to take photos - but I did remember to take a photo of  this one
it says love in pretty pink fabric.  The photo does not do it justice!!  Because this is photo heavy, I will post tomorrow of the gorgeous pressies I received from the girls yesterday as this month is my birthday month!
Enjoy your Saturday and I hope you get some craft time over the weekend, Michelle.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Happy New Year !!!!!

Can't believe it has taken me till the 5th January to send these wishes !  Not sure where that time has gone, not a lot of crafty stuff going on but in saying that over the last couple of days I have finished 2 projects that I started in December.
 Well this is a bit sad, my 1st post for 2013 and blogger will not let me upload any photos!  So will have to wait till tomorrow to see if I can upload some photos of my stitchery and my Christmas pressies!
Take care, Michelle.