Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Tilly, Milly & Molly

KHS had their meeting on Friday night and due to us milking on 16 hours I was unable to attend, but this month the project was a doll.  Above is my effort.  It's  pattern from Kerry Gillespie-Tilly,Milly and Molly.

I think they will find a new home in my kitchen not the garden.  Have a great Wednesday, Michelle.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I have a new love (no.....hubby is still on top of the list-of course!!!!) it's a new fabric love..........wool felt !  Just love it!  I have been op shopping for the past 12 months picking up old woollen suits, especially jackets and have  a very impressive collection now.  I have a few projects in mind, but if I am honest that won't get started till after Christmas.  But above is my finished Santa penny rug - he's so cute and just the motivation I need to finish some Christmas projects and maybe start some more !
Have a great Tuesday, Michelle.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Gingerbread Kisses

GINGERBREAD MEN & GIRLS are my favourite, especially at Christmas followed by snowmen.  There are some really cute ones out there like the one above and these.....................................
which arrived in the post this morning ! And they are simply GORGEOUS !!!  These patterns came from the talented Michelle Ridgway at Rag-tag stitchin, her stitchery's are gorgeous and worth a visit.  I have big plans for these stitchery but it will be for next Christmas not this (it is going to be very hard not to start these!!!)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM We went out for lunch on Sunday to celebrate her birthday. (Mum is the one smiling at the head of the table!)  We had a beautiful lunch and fun day.  I think dad is taking her out for lunch today also!  Have a great day Mum, we love YOU !!!!
So that's me for today, if you are crafting-lucky you and if not enjoy your day anyway!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Filling in my day !

I love the tail on this red one-we should call him Hook !!

I promised Sonja I would show some photo's of me feeding my babies - all 127 (and that number is still rising).  They are a mixture of AB heifer calves ( which will eventually go into the milking herd) and beef. ( bull and heifer calves.)

We have 40 no 37 left to calve and we will rear them as well and no more I hope !!! I still have 15 young ones in the shed, but if we don't get snow in the next couple of days, they too will go outside.
I hope everyone is having a great Sunday, Michelle.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

New sign

Not alot of crafting going on at the moment, just some pennies so I can finish my Santa.  But while shopping for a new radio for the cowshed I did come across this sign...............loved it, brought it and hung it !

It fits on my dinning room wall perfectly. (well I think)  And then I also came across a clock for the kitchen wall.....................
It's a clock on a over sized bottle top-very cute !  And yes we did find a radio for the cowshed, those moo's do like music to relax too while letting down that milk.
Have a GREAT weekend, Michelle.


Thursday, 6 September 2012

My new chook

Do you like my new black and white CHOOK ?? It's a little bit larger than the average chook !   I am not sure how he is going to get out , it must have been a rather tight squeeze to get in ! 

And this gorgeous old rusty tin is what Claire gave me last week, I have now given it a new purpose!
Now I am off back out to my craft room to keep tiding it up, I can now at least get in the door !
Enjoy your Thursday, Michelle.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

In my hoop.....

I have this Santa that is almost finished ! It was a pattern out of a Homespun magazine, all that needs to be done now is a button on the end of his hat and penny's around the outside.
And this is in my hoop it a pattern by the great Kathy Schmitz - Thee and Me, Family tree.   I do love this designer !!
As you can see, still a long way to go !  I am stitching in black, so providing I don't get too bored it shouldn't take too long, although there is alot of stitching on this, so I might revise that last statement.............. it will take awhile.

Last night I was a little late feeding my calves but got some beautiful photo's.  The full moon certainly helped with light that I needed.  Hope you all have a great weekend, Michelle.