Sunday, 16 September 2012

Filling in my day !

I love the tail on this red one-we should call him Hook !!

I promised Sonja I would show some photo's of me feeding my babies - all 127 (and that number is still rising).  They are a mixture of AB heifer calves ( which will eventually go into the milking herd) and beef. ( bull and heifer calves.)

We have 40 no 37 left to calve and we will rear them as well and no more I hope !!! I still have 15 young ones in the shed, but if we don't get snow in the next couple of days, they too will go outside.
I hope everyone is having a great Sunday, Michelle.


  1. That's a lot of babies! Very cute (to someone who doesn't have to feed them anyway)

  2. They are looking good Michelle, happy and healthy! Hope that snow stays away, it has been a nice afternoon here but the wind is starting to get up.

  3. They are so sweet Michelle, lots of work, but I guarantee they are appreciative.... and noisy!!

  4. I see that HOOK too! They look happy.
    On your header photo, you have a box of something that looks like it says 'TALA"...what is that?

  5. Wow that is a lot of babies to care cute.
    Michelle x

  6. Fairy Girl is on her way over to cattle duff those belted galloways tonight...........