Monday, 24 November 2014

Bronwyn Hayes

This is my take on a Bronwyn Hayes pattern.  Just hand quilting to go!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Polka dot's

This is my polka dot project!  If only I hadn't run out of ric rac!!

Polka dots was the theme for our KHS monthly meeting.  We gathered at Michelle's for a lovely lunch and lots of chatter and even some stitching!

Michelle covered her ironing board in very cute polka dot and iron fabric and Claire made heaps of things for her polka dots - a journal cover, needle books, lots of gorgeous things to full this basket which she actually made for her mum Nancy!  Now Nicky didn't get to finish her project and since it is  her birthday month so we let her off!  (she did say though that she would bring it next month! It sounded very cool so I hope so!!  - no pressure Nick!)
Above is a picture of Nick's birthday loot, she got lots of lovely pressies!!

Now I thought I would finish with a couple of  beautiful photos from around Michelles home.  The quilt at the top has just a binding to go and then it is finished! (notice it has polka dot fabric!!)
Another great meeting and just a month till we meet here for Christmas!!