Thursday, 15 May 2014

I am finally back online, I have been off line for over three and half weeks, sadly my computer died!!  So lots has been happening but not in the craft line!  The farm we have been leasing for the past five years was sold, in December so in January, we sold the cows (but we have kept milking till yesterday and we don't move till the 31 May!), we decided to start looking for a house to buy!  The first house we viewed we fell in love with but we kept on looking to see what was out there but still kept coming back to the first one!  And finally in February we made an offer and it was excepted!  This will be our very first home of our own!  For the past 22 years we have lived in share milking houses-these are farm houses that go with the jobs!  So we are now finally getting excited, 15 days till we move!!!!!  Photo below is the house and we also have 10 acres(-we need all of that for all the pets!!)
So I have been packing, packing, packing........................................................
 More crafting!!!!
To those who commented on wee Flick some time ago, sorry I did not reply as the computer was dead, but above is a photo of the cute wee Flick feeding and the other is the now chewing monster but still cute Flick!  She spends her day with me, she has been on many travels already, even a trip to Te Kuiti - 3 hours one way, don't think she enjoyed that so much as it was too much time in the ute, she really likes short trips!
  I am slowly catching up with everyone's blogs! There is so much reading, love what everyone is doing, very inspiring, can't wait to move and unpack so I can use my sewing machine again, am missing it! But today is KHS !  Am really looking forward to this! Especially having a catch up and NO packing!!
Take care Michelle.