Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sweet 16

Today is my son's birthday-Happy birthday Ben-sweet 16!!!!!! He is going to be so embarrassed!
From this sweet wee thing, to a handsome,loving,hardworking young man who we are very proud of.
Last nite we went out to tea to celebrate his birthday with his Nana,Poppa,Uncle Steve, Aunty Catherine,Travis,Ella(cousins) and us! It was a great night.The meal was at Lone Star in New Plymouth, they are huge meals and very yummy-especially the Moro/kahlua cheesecake!!!!!!
As for today, not that hungry, but managed to cut out and start sewing this months project for our stitching group. I decided to use scraps from my stash! Quite pleased so far.
Hope everyone had a great weekend,


  1. Happy Birthday Ben!!!
    I just posted a photo of my quilt too, Lol

  2. Very Happy Birthday Ben....and many more. Glad you had a great celebration.

  3. Isn't it nice looking back at how little our children once were!! And your quilt looks lovely.

  4. How do they get from that to that? Must be because we love and feed them! Happy Birthday Ben!

  5. Happy Birtday to Ben. What a handsome young man. So glad you had a wonderful time at dinner.
    Love how your scraps are turning out.