Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Rusty treasures

Are these not the cutest treasures!! Not everyone's cup of tea I know but I love rusty!! I brought these off trade me, as you can tell I am pretty happy about this buy and the fabric in the front with the angels is so sweet will have to find a special project for that.  Now my next buy was from a couple of weeks ago and has been sitting in my lounge while I have been deciding where it is going to go and finally after tripping over it for the tenth time I made a decision and am pleased with the position it is now in ! Although I need some help, it has a black board on the top and I need a saying or quote to write on it?   Maybe a quilting or sewing saying ?  Any ideas???

I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday, Michelle.


  1. Very cool!
    How about ...." Pick up a pin & all day you'll have good luck"???Good ole trade me aye!

  2. Lovely treasures Michelle. How about "Life is empty without a passion"?

  3. Some lovely treasures... I will have a think on a quote, maybe something about home?

  4. Love your rusty bits(sounds good doesn't it)How about
    "Future Heirlooms created here"

  5. Your treasures are lovely Michelle, the little shelf looks gorgeous in your home.