Tuesday, 24 April 2012

In need of a cuppa

Just a quick post because sitting back looking at the state of my lounge and kitchen rite now I think I need my head read!!  Thought it was time for a change around and a dust (that is long over due !!) as for the change around -  I am limited as we live in such a small house, and now I wish I had never started but there is only one way and that is too finish! So a quick cuppa and then back to it.  I am pleased with  my mangle and kitchen unit..............................

Well better get back to it and I promise in the next few days to reply to all those who have sent comments and email.
Take care, Michelle


  1. Ah! I know the feeling my place is like that and the only person to blame is myself...and that's not good. LOL! Good luck!

  2. Me too!! I do the same!Looking great from here!

  3. I love seeing little corners of your home, it all looks beautiful. I often feel like my home needs an overhaul!!

  4. Wow you've been a busy girl and it looks great...not that it didn't look great before Lol. Have you started on your KHS project yet?