Thursday, 3 April 2014

Little Flick

This dear wee pup now has the name 'Flick'.  She was a surprise from our heading dog (farm working dog breed) Gin, she was born last Tuesday and her mum died on the Thursday, so yours truly has become her full time mum - for now!  The first few days was feeds every 2 hours, now we are feeding every 3 hours and I must admit that my own baby is 17 now, so these night feeds has me with big black bags under my eyes!!  I have lots of volunteers for cuddles and the odd feeding but funny enough NONE for the feeds after 10 pm!!!

As Flick was the only pup to survive I made a quick trip to the Op shop and brought her this teddy, best $1 investment ever!  She now has some company and someone to cuddle at night!  So not a lot else has been going on, I have been packing madly -well in between feeds and started a new stitchery.  I brought the linen and thread last month, not sure on it yet, but will finish this block and see what I think?  Do love the thread, it a black through to a grey.
Keeping myself busy,


  1. Oh what a little cutie - it looks like you are doing your job well - very settled and well padded! Great idea with the teddy bear :-) Is the packing for a June 1st move?

  2. Gosh good luck with the movie Michelle, I hope all goes well. Cute tiny puppy, so small!
    Is that a Cottage Garden thread?

  3. Aww too cute... you can send him our way if you ever need a puppy sitter!!!
    The countdown is on for the big shift, hows it going?

  4. Sweet little baby....just like with human babies I'm sure you'll forget the interrupted nights when she is bigger.

  5. poor baby, looks like she is getting all the loving and care she needs by the bucket full!
    not surprised by the lack of offers in the wee hours... lol

  6. Awww little Flick is very cute! Poor wee orphan, sorry to hear her mum died.
    You're her mum now Michelle - she's lucky to have you.
    A agree every baby deserves a teddy bear - and Flick more than others.
    I love your new embroidery - I'm a grey fan too, it looks lovely.
    Where are you moving to?
    Happy Easter