Friday, 21 October 2011

Grand opening

Finally, finally my craft room is finished !!(doing happy, happy dance - not a good visual to think about !!!) I am so pleased all fabric and other craft supplies in! Well I am missing a couple of box's, but I am sure I will find in time.
This is the entrance view,

view to the right,

view to the left, look at all these wonderful cubbies (hubby thought I wouldn't fill them ?),


I have been in there already playing and just
love it. It feels so cosy and organised - I wonder how long
that will last ???? 
Have a great weekend and GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!!!!


  1. It looks so neat and tidy Michelle....oh I am so ashamed you should see mine at the moment. Happy Creating!

  2. Great space...fancy your hubby thinking you would fill those cubbies! Easie Peasie!
    Looks like a lovely place for you to go play.You could call it your 'playstation'

  3. I love it! It looks fabulous... looking forward to next month already so I can have a noisy ;o) Have fun playing...

  4. It looks wonderful Michelle, I am a teeny bit jealous as I do all my crafting in the lounge and dining room! Enjoy your space.

  5. Green with envy, I am. You are a lucky girl!

  6. I love your room Michelle, isn't just great to have your own space!