Sunday, 30 October 2011

Where on earth has the week GONE ???

I have lost a whole week ! Monday was my/our wedding anniversary (19th) and I was greeted with this beautifully wrapped present - yes for those farmers out there that is a Scottish thistle and brown paper!! And it was a new milking apron and gloves........I think there is a subtle hint that he wants me in the shed and that now I have all the gear there is no excuses.............but I am a bright girl I am sure I will think of a few excuses but nice try Hubie!!!

But my real pressie was this red pack of Zen and it smells beautiful ! Just had a thought maybe there is a hint here??????
Lots of gardening in my garden this week as well and still lots to go!  Been stitching up a storm for my SSCS with chookyblue. And then on Thursday I was a judge for Ngaere school pet day on their inside creations, lots of vegetable creations, sand saucers, biscuit and decorated cakes, miniature garden etc.  It was so much fun. 

So that's why my week disappeared, hope you are having a fabulous weekend, Michelle


  1. What fun a husband you have!
    I love seeing what the kids make a country/calf days. I was a flower judge one year and I will tell you it was not and easy job!There are some clever kids out there.

  2. Happy(belated)anniversary! I love your hubby's sense of humour. lol