Friday, 22 July 2011

Op Shop Hop......

Wow what a fantastic day we had ! I enjoyed the company more than my treasured buys yesterday and I loved my buys ! Our day started in Stratford where I met Claire, Michelle and Michelle's 2yr old niece Summer.  Our first treat of the day was from Claire she had brought us a plastic tub each and made beautiful tags with our names on them to store our treasure ! Thank you Claire, it was very thoughtful - she is so sweet !

 Then we stopped at every Op shop that was open, all the way to Waitara,that is where we found treasures in a Corso shop!  From there we headed to Michelle's mums place for lunch, she made us beautiful home-made soup and a very yummy chocolate mousse !!  Then she look us to a local shop in Waitara -  Lodge Floral Studio - very cool ! I will show those treasures in another post.

While at Loraine's for lunch we had show and tell for the month.  Our project for the month was bashkla dolls, mine are above.  We all finished this project and aren't they so cute!

Claire also made a vase rug to go with hers as well.
Then I took a family photo of all the girls together !
During the first week of July Michelle had her birthday so we gave her our birthday pressies, I gave her a hydrangea cup and saucer with a pink glass bowl and Claire made her these house shoes.....they are so cute !
We also received a gift from Michelle she made
us a cloche which we all have to decorate and bring back next month.
 She is so clever, I just love it!!!
So the treasures............................................
some wool jackets for a table runner, a wire chook for mum, a chunky silver plate (possibilities are endless for Christmas), two wooden bowls which will be painted, a cane book holder, a copper ccandle holder, buttons, round flower thingy, and a glass jar.   And small white pickets - very cute, have plans for those already.  Sorry this is so long, but thanks for hanging in there !
I had a great day and loved it very much, thanks girls always a pleasure and am looking forward to next month.
Happy stitching, Michelle.


  1. It is so much fun getting together with friends. Your dolls are so cute and what precious faces. Do you make them from a pattern? As you know treasure hunting is one of my favorite things to do. You did great finding treasures.

  2. Wow, a great post Michelle! Sounds like you had a wonderful day, your treasures look lovely and I love all the dolls.

  3. What a wonderful day. I can just imagine the chat and laughter that went along with it too! Your dolls are all beautiful and you have some great op shop finds to treasure now too. Looking forward to seeing what those pickets become .......... have a great weekend.

  4. What a fun day out!The lodge Floral Studio look like a neat place.Did you go to the 'Bank' in Eltham? That is a neat shop.
    I just bought a beautiful wool tweed jacket from the op shop too for a runner or something.

  5. What a fantastic day....I want to come! Great photos and treasure too!I love your little funky buckets with your name tags.

  6. Love all your treasures and it sounds as if you had a brilliant day.

  7. Whoops somehow I missed this post, but I'm here now! It was a fabulous day wasn't it?
    Have you started any of the monthly challenges yet?