Sunday, 17 July 2011

Nice at Nice

Friday nite hubby and I spent a wonderful night at a fab little place called 'Nice'. 
I better start at the you remember when my friend was in hospital (for a month!) well herself and her husband gave us a voucher for a luxury nites accommodation, dinner and breakfast - they where so naughty !!!
Friday nite was when we decided to use this voucher, dinner was beautiful, very yummy food and I didn't want to miss out on pudding so we got that sent up to our room! Thank goodness because I could not have fitted that in ! Because I decided to try a cocktail and I was struggling to fit it all in.  The cocktail I had was a Brave Bull - Tequila, Kahlua, coke and cream.  (yes it did help me sleep!)

There is this cute wee library at the end of the hall way, very cute!
This quilt looked hand quilted ?
Mikes pudding was yum!! 

Thank you very very much Julie and Rolly, we didn't expect anything , we where just trying to be good friends like you are to us !.................but we had a fantastic night !!!


  1. It's nice to be spoilt isn't it!

  2. What a nice gift, I glad you enjoyed yourselves!

  3. Wow looks like a cute place.Good for you!