Sunday, 10 July 2011

Santa sack swap.......

Well my parcel arrived yesterday and what a surprise, this is going to be so hard not to open the pressies till Christmas!!!!
This is my sack, well  my swap partner Toni made me this beautiful stocking..........................................
look at the pressies sitting there,
they so want to be opened, but
I will wait. (it is rather a long time to wait lol!!)

But anyway this is the sack I made Toni,

This is the front
and below is the back.

I can't seem to put a link to Toni s
blog, so hopefully tomorrow I can do
this so you can all visit my new friends
So enjoy what is left of the weekend,

(this is the December swap by Cookies and
Cream Craft-Santa sack swap.)


  1. so is this a Xmas in July swap or Xmas in December..........if it's December it's an aweful long time to wait..........

  2. OMG the word Veri was "kingle" thats close enough to "kringle" as in kris kringle for me.........

  3. Are you sure it wasn't for Christmas in July??? It is going to be a long wait til December!

  4. We all have to be very good and not peak. At least we know there will be other crazy "Santa Sack Swappers" all over the world ripping open all ther collected loot by the time we get to December. Cute kiwi sack and you did a lovely job on yours Michelle.

  5. Gorgeous sacks, the stitchery on your one is lovely, what fun!!

  6. Wow. Both sacks are GORGEOUS :)
    I'm itching to open the gifts I received so will have to hide my sack.