Sunday, 5 February 2012

Rustic headboard - NEW !!!!

This post has to start with a story..................but where to start???? Well 11 years ago my hubby got a four poster bed made for my 30th birthday, yes it is the most beautiful bed ! But when we took on the farm we are now on, my beautiful bed could not fit in this small little house ! tear, tear! So my beautiful bed is in storage-another tear! So I decided to look on the bright side and set my mind to what rustic look I could go for while living in this house which is now our home for 5 years! thinking, thinking,
Well I decided on this, which I shouldn't be showing you yet as it is not finished, well the look is not finished but I am so excited !!!!!!

I will up date this in the next couple of weeks with a finished look - but I am so happy so far!
Enjoy what is left of the weekend, Michelle.


  1. What a fun idea! You are like us, limited because of the size of the house we live in.
    The quilt on your bed is nice, I did one the same for a customer a few years ago, it is from a jellyroll book, nice colours.