Friday, 29 April 2016

Kookaburra Cottage - Jilly's Garden

Right now I am doing the most happiest happy dance you have ever seen!! I am so glad you can not see this dance as it is not pretty but I am stoked to have this finished!!!!

Started???? well you don''t need to know when this was started but a couple of years ago - at least if I am going to be honest!  This and my Home quilt was on my must do before I start anything else and now they are finished - does this mean I can start something else............well I do need to finish my painting, had yesterday off to finish this quilt so better get back to it today!
Hope you are all having a fantastic Friday?, enjoy your weekend,


  1. Beautiful Michelle, love it ... isnt it great to complete something that has been sitting round for ages. I have lots of those projects.

  2. Wow it looks fabulous Michelle! You'll be pleased to have it finished... Hope the rest of the painting goes quick so you can start something new...;O)

  3. Beeeeutiful! Well done Michelle! Its great to have a finish and such a lovely one too xx

  4. Gosh that's pretty! Love the setting it is is displayed in too.