Sunday, 20 March 2011

No Sewing!!!

I can't believe how fast this week has gone! Instead of sewing I have been decorating a 70th birthday cake and the theme was golf, so on went the T.V so I could see what golf was all about. So this is the finished cake..............thank goodness!!
Now for something EXCITING, these are some photo's of my new candle holders that my fab son (15yrs) has made me, I told him what I wanted and a wee while later they appeared! Poor boy, the list I have now given him is taller than he is!  He has since made some more and we are thinking of putting them on trade me.
Well I'm off to do a little sewing which is all I have wanted to do all weekend, enjoy what ever is left of your Sunday,
Happy stitching, Michelle.


  1. Hi Michelle
    Love the cake, you are so clever!
    And if your son wants to make me a candle holder I'll buy one!
    Oh and I tried to reply to your email the other day but it says you are a no reply blogger so I cant send a return email to you, sorry:O(
    Enjoy your sewing!

  2. I hope Roger enjoys his cake. It looks yum. Your son is very talented and so young too. How wonderful that he is creative. His candle holders are really great.

  3. Those candle holders are brilliant, so evocative of the countryside, well done your boy.

  4. Hi Michelle I love your blog. And your cake looks yummy. What a talented son you have. Your candle holders are so net. Thank you for visiting me it is good to meet. You have a new follower from Texas. Welcome to blogland.