Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Tomorrow I am meeting Claire for our 1st meeting as the new '11 months of Christmas Group'.  I have finished all but one project......................I wonder how many she has completed?? I have also finished my rustic angel stitching's.   They are going to look so cute on my new scales.  Now this posting is going to have alot of pictures so bear with me.   The next few pictures are the Christmas projects I had to complete for the month and in my usual style instead of maybe 2 per week, I pretty much left it all to the last minute!
I decided to do this months projects in two colour ranges, with the red and white pillows to go in my room, and the more rustic tones for my sons room which I do up at Christmas with  rustic decorations.  Not sure if you can see on the small pillows that will hang on the tree, I have rusty pins in them.
I think my favourite is the stocking with its rusty bells and tag.  Well maybe not I think I love them all.  
Well its getting late and this girl is pretty tired, so take care till next posting,  Michelle.


  1. You've done a lovely job. They are very cute. I am very partial to Christmas and redwork stitcheries as well.Hope you had fun with your friend.

  2. Lot's of lovely goodies there Michelle, you've certainly been busy!

  3. Can I comment if my name isn't Michelle? ha ha. I popped over to say hello after reading about you on Michelle's (It's Sew Me) blog. I loved my visit to Claire's shop when I was in NZ last year. Lovely Michelle who you'll meet tomorrow took me there. Have a great time all of you, I'm very envious and looking forward to reading about it and seeing photos! Love your redwork by the way. Lis xx

  4. Hello Michelle,

    Love your redwork, just beautiful.
    Happy days.

  5. Hi Michelle, I just popped over form the other Michelle's.

    Oh I just love all your stitcheries.
    where do you get the lovely patterns??

    Would like to become a follower and also be nice if you pop over my way for a visit.


  6. Hi Michelle,
    What a fabulous bundle of goodies you have been busy making. Love them. You are certainly going to be well and truly prepared this year- you go girl!