Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Can someone help me find last week!!Can't seem to find it anywhere! But I did find a few treasures last week while in New Plymouth.  I have a good friend in hospital and I am hoping this week is better for her than last week which was hell for her.  So while she slept or other visitors arrived to see her I went down the road to the local Hospice Shop which had some fabulous treasures just for me.  All you see on the bench was just $15.  The old scales, glass jars, doilies and an colander which isn't in the picture.  So after a wee bit of  thought this is how I used them. In glass jars I filled them with cinnamon sticks, cream buttons and old lace. One doilie on scales and one under, added a candle and a few paper flowers.

This is my mangle, my pride and joy, which I change often! I need to make a quilt to hang on it? Do you think that would be a good idea and if so what kind of quilt? Something to chew over!  Well I better go clear the table as mum is coming today and we are making cards.
Have a great day, Michelle


  1. Lovely Michelle - you have a gift for displaying these beauties. I love our Hospice Shop, you never know what you'll find!

  2. I love your mangle! And your treasures look great!