Monday, 28 March 2011

Weekend Away

It's been a long weekend for me but a great one.  We picked the kids up from school and headed to Wanganui on Friday nite.  Saturday morning after a wee sleep in we headed to Marton, then Hunterville and onto Taihape...........there are some great shops in Taihape! It is well worth the stop and then onto Waiouru where we took the boys to the Army Museum.
From there we went back to Wanganui via Ohakune which made a mean hot chocolate!! But the main reason for the weekend to Wanganui was my Nana Joan had her 80th birthday on Sunday which we celebrated with a birthday lunch. The Great grand kids dressed up like the Queen!  It was a great day!!
No craft this weekend but I did buy a couple of fat 1/4's and a wrought iron rail which I will make into a quilt hanger, plus I brought the most beautiful scarf! 
Happy stitching, Michelle


  1. Your Nan looks like a real character and how lovely she is still with you. Looks like you picked up some nice treasures on the way.

  2. What a precious photo! SOunds like you've been creating lot's of memories this weekend and a bonus you got to go shopping too!

  3. Lovely pics Michelle, sounds like a wonderful weekend. Happy Birthday Nana Joan!