Monday, 28 September 2015

Friday night with the big and little girls!

Zoe in full concentration!

Jae, Nick and Zoe.

Jae and Claire.

Layla, Bonny and Claire,

My cross and heart.

Jae and Zoe's jewellery.

Layla and her beautiful jars.
Last Friday night the KHS girls met up in Stratford at Verdigris Creative Studio to do a night course. Nicky brought her gorgeous girls and Claire brought her little friend Bonny, this was so much fun, Claire and Bonny made resin birds, Nicky's younger two girls Jae and Zoe made jewellery and Layla(hope this spelling is right??) made 2 chalk paint jars and I made a resin heart and cross.  And to finish the night off we went to the TET for dinner and had yummy burgers and chips!!  It was a great night, I am thinking we should do this more often!
Have a great week, Michelle.


  1. Wow Michelle - fantastic. I think next time you do this creativity, you should bring your friend Julie along :-) !!!! I have called into this shop once in Stratford & she has some amazing ideas & inspiration. Love what everyone made.

    1. Clever lot of girls you all are. Sounds like you all had fun