Sunday, 13 September 2015

Coffee with the girls! KHS

A quilt for Macy.

Our KHS year challenge- almost finished!!

This is gorgeous  -  (hopefully be able to steal this one!)

One of my favorite stitchery's from above quilt top.

Another quilt top

And yet another quilt top!!

A crochet blanket that Claire's mum Nancy made her!
She is so spoilt!!

Nick and her up cycled handbag - it is very cute!

My table runner-not quite finished.

My KHS challenge-almost finished as well!

A favorite block - Claire's pick I think?

My table runner finished I came home and finished it!!
Yesterday I met up with the KHS for a coffee and cake of course in Stratford, I was so excited, it had been some time since we have been able to meet up!  With work commitments it has proved tough to get us all there!  And Michelle was unable to make it but that didn't stop us from having a lot of laughs!!  And it was not just coffee it ended up becoming lunch as well-boy those girls can talk!!!!    So above is our show and tell, Claire has done, are you sitting down 10 quilt tops this year so far.......she is a machine!!  and Nick is flat out up cycling things like the handbag above for a craft market!  It was so much fun that we decided to do a work shop together on Friday night, so will keep you up dated. Our show and tell was so inspiring and can't wait till we make the next meeting work!!
I should of put a photo of both Claire and my KHS challenge quilts together, it amazes me how the same pattern can look so different when done in different color ways!  Well I better go and feed my lambs, all 15 of them!
Thanks girls for a wonderful day yesterday!!


  1. You must be pleased you finally got to met up with your friends! Gosh some lovely quilts! Claire IS a machine! The crochet blanket is very pretty. 15 lambs to feed, that's a big job!

  2. Great post Michelle, LoVe your table runner, its gorgeous. You know since that damned Claire has made 10 quilt tops so far this year, you would surely be able to steal one & she wouldnt even notice !!! Go ahead I say :-) Great that you girls got to meet up again, I miss your KHS posts.

  3. Wow great to see what you are all up to.. beautiful work from all of you...sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves!! Your table runner is gorgeous - a lovely finish - hope you enjoy yourselves again on Friday night!

  4. Lots of lovely show and tell. Your runner is just lovely and so is your quilt. So nice to catch up with friends x

  5. Beautiful projects, the quilt is lovely as is your table runner!

  6. Just love every ones creativity. Great pictures